Thanksgiving Day Workout

Hey there! Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Who else is pumped for all of the Thanksgiving foods tomorrow?! I'm cooking/baking up a storm today in preparation for tomorrow, and I can't wait to eat all of the yummy food. If you want to see what I'm making, follow me on Instagram (username: joyfullyjenna) and watch my Instagram story throughout the day.

With all of the food that we'll be eating on Thanksgiving, it's nice to sneak in a quick workout Thanksgiving morning. So, I've thrown together a workout that I'll be doing the morning of Thanksgiving, and I thought I'd share it with you all! I designed this workout to be short, effective, sweaty, and to not involve much equipment - meaning you can do it right at home!


Don't ya just love when I throw in some "Yay! Burpees"??? I hope you enjoy this workout, and remember to take breaks when you feel you need to. Happy early Thanksgiving friends!



Friday Favorites #16

Hi there, friends! Happy Friday! I hope that you have some fun plans on your weekend agenda. It's felt a little crazy around here this week. You know those weeks where it feels like you just cannot get caught up no matter how hard you try? Yeah, I've had one of those! I'm really hoping to take this weekend to just catch up on things, including some recipe testing and fun projects for you guys! So, besides bridesmaid dress shopping on Sunday afternoon with my sister for her wedding (yay!!!) I'll be chipping away at some blog posts and other miscellaneous things. 

Before I sign off for the weekend I'm stopping by with my usual round-up of the things that made me smile this week. As usual, I'd love to hear what you've been loving. Let me know in the comments!

1. Target's Dollar Spot: Christmas Edition


Oh man, guys, we're in trouble. Target's Dollar Spot has done it yet again. They now have Christmas gift bags, wrapping paper, gift tags, and everything that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside stocked and ready to jump into your shopping cart. ALL FOR ONE DOLLAR. It took everything in me to not grab about ten of everything. If you haven't been to Target recently and love hopping on the Christmas train early like I do - go!!! 

2. Nutrition/Beauty YouTube Channel


Excuse the not-so-pretty screenshot from my phone, but I've been following Becca's YouTube channel for awhile now, and I always love her videos! Becca's a Registered Dietitian and shares nutrition information on her channel, like how to choose the healthiest granola bars and different healthy dinner ideas! She also posts make-up and skincare videos every so often which I love! Definitely check her out!

3. HIIT & Ab Workout


Have you guys ever done a workout from Tone It Up's YouTube channel? If not, you're missing out! Karena and Katrina's workouts are awesome. I mean...look at them! They must be doing something right. Their workouts are relatively short, but you'll quickly work up a sweat while doing one! This HIIT and Ab workout is calling your name for a quick weekend workout. Give it a try!

4. Love Your Melon Winter Hats


I follow Love Your Melon on Instagram and they recently just came out with their new line of winter hats, and man, they're adorable! One of these will be going right to the top of my Christmas list. The best part? During the holiday season Love Your Melon donates 50% of their proceeds of each hat to nonprofit partners to help fight pediatric cancer. It's a feel good kinda gift, friends. 

5. Hallmark Channel's Christmas Movies


Okay, I may or may not be a little, teensy, tiny bit embarrassed that this made it to my Friday Favorites. To be completely honest, I totally used to make fun of Hallmark's cheesy-everything-works-out holiday movies. BUT, I've had a change of heart. You know, sometimes it's just nice to watch a movie that's uber cheesy and has everything work out just the way it's supposed to in the end. If you were nodding your head when I was talking about jumping on the Christmas chain early, turn on the Hallmark channel at some point this weekend. I bet you'll end up changing your mind just like me (if you don't already love it)! 

Alright friends, that's what I've been loving this week! I'd love to hear what you've been loving. Let me know in the comments. 

Happy Weekend! Keep up with me this weekend by following me on Instagram (username: joyfullyjenna)

Happy Halloween & A Spooky Workout

Hey there, friends! Happy Halloween! I hope that you all had a fun and relaxing weekend.

Did I tell you guys how excited I am to hand out candy tonight? I'm totally nerding out over this. I haven't been home the past few years to hand out candy so I'm pumped to see the little kids in their costumes! Woohoooo! Does this make me seem old? #grandmastatus

Anyways, I'm stopping by with a short post today to share a Halloween themed workout. This workout will only take you about 20 minutes, but you'll definitely work up a sweat. I know we're all probably going to be consuming a little too much candy today, so if you can, try to fit in this short and sweaty workout!


If you do try it out, let me know! I know you guys will definitely be saying "Yay!" when you get to the burpees ;P

Happy Halloween! Make sure to treat yourself to your favorite candy (you deserve it!!), but get your workout in too!

"SLAP" It Good - Workout Wednesday

Hello, hello lovely people and happy hump day! I hope that your week has been great so far, and that you're soaking in the last bit of summer. 

Sometimes towards the middle of the week we start to feel tired and that episode of The Real Housewives of NYC starts looking a whole lot better than working out! Can you relate? I think that those are the days that we need to push ourselves to workout the most. Don't get me wrong, rest days are super important, and if your body is telling you it needs a day of rest with no exercise, that's what you should do! But, let's be honest here, friends, most of the time we're all extremely capable of getting a workout in. So, save that episode of the Real Housewives (or watch it while working out), lace up your sneakers, and get ready to sweat!

Workout Wednesday: SLAP

So, you're probably wondering what the heck SLAP stands for, right? Let me break it down for ya... 

S = Squat | L = Legs | A = Abs | P = Pushup

The way the workout for today is going to work is: you're going to have 1 SLAP and then a series of cardio exercises, another SLAP, a series of cardio exercises, and so on. For the SLAP exercises, I want you to complete 1 minute of each. Remember, the important thing is to listen to your body, if you need to stop for a rest, take one! For the cardio intervals, you'll do each exercise for 30 seconds, take a ten second rest, and then move onto the next move. Once you're done, you'll move onto the next SLAP, then the next cardio. This workout is a TOTAL BODY workout, meaning it's going to target all muscle groups! Get ready to get sweatttty!

Total Body Workout


This workout should take you about 30 minutes, give or take how many rests you take. If you want more of a challenge, feel free to add weights to the strength exercises like the squats, lunges, and ab exercises. You guys are going to CRUSH this workout! So, go ahead and lace up those sneakers, get off of the couch, and get movin'!

I would love to hear how this workout goes for you! Let me know in the comments, and make sure to click the "like" button if you liked this post, and then click the "share" button if you're totally loving it so your friends can get their sweat on too ;P

Catch ya next time!


Not sure what the exercises above look like? I've linked you to some pictures to show you how to complete the exercises:

Disclaimer: Remember, I am not a certified personal trainer, but I did teach various fitness classes at University of Delaware during graduate school and love to share the workouts my students and I completed. Please check with a medical provider before attempting these exercises. 

Friday Favorites #6

It's FRI-YAY! You made it through another week, hooray!!! What do you all have on your schedule for the weekend? I'll be hanging with a few friends over the weekend and getting some things crossed off of my to-do list! 

Remember, those goals you set last Sunday should still be present over the weekend. Don't let all of your hard work during the workweek be negated by what you do over the weekend! Keep up with your goals and stay accountable, you can do it :)

Alright, let's move onto our typical Friday routine! I'll share things that I've been loving this week, and I would love if you would share what you've been loving this week in the comments! 

1. The Olympics

image taken from

image taken from

The Olympics has been my favorite thing this week, hands down! I LOVE watching the women's gymnastics team. It just amazes me what those girls can do - they're superwomen! I also love watching the volleyball and swimming, too! What are your favorite sports to watch during the Olympics?

2. Laneige Skincare 

This appeared in my Friday favorites last week, but I hadn't tried it yet. I've been using the products for a week now and I'm loving them! Specifically, I really like the cleanser and face mask, and I definitely will be going back for full size versions of them! If you're in the market for some new skincare products, I would definitely recommend heading over to Target and picking up a few Laneige products or one of their trial kits!

3. Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide

Today I'll be finishing up Week 7 of this guide (there's a total of 12 weeks), and I'm really loving it! I can see myself toning up and losing a few inches here and there. I think it will definitely take me a full two rounds to be where I want to be, but I'm really loving the results so far! If you want to know more about the guide, I wrote a post about it HERE

4. Vitamix 

Last but not least, our Vitamix. We've had our Vitamix for a few years at this point, but with this heat wave coming through I've been making smoothies in it a lot. I love how I can throw whatever I want into the Vitamix and know that it'll blend the ingredients fully and I won't end up chewing my smoothie (gross, no thank you). Before the Vitamix, we had a Ninja blender and let me tell you, the Vitamix trumps the Ninja, completely. If you're looking to start making smoothies or juices, definitely check the Vitamix out!

That's all I have for you guys today! I hope that you have a fun and relaxing weekend :)