Friday Favorites #4

Hi friends! It's a great morning because it's FRIDAY!!! I went to a Food Show with my mom yesterday - she's the Food Director at the high school I went to. It was interesting to see what different products vendors are offering schools, and we walked away with quite a few samples...

I'm totally eyeing up the individual servings of the steel cut oats in the vanilla honey flavor, yum! Let's get into Friday Favorites now though...

1. Alie's home for the weekend!

My sister, Alie, is engaged and now lives with her hubby-to-be, but she'll be home this weekend. I'm super excited to have some sister time with her which will probably include indulging quite a bit in things like cheese, wine, and maybe (probably) some dessert - pretty much all of the most delicious things :)

2. Gin-Gins 

These little chewy treats are THE BOMB.COM, or at least I think so! My mom and I found these at a local farm and then ordered some off of Amazon because they are that good (click HERE to order your own bag). We absolutely LOVE the peanut flavor! If you've ever had a Maryjane candy they taste super similar, just with a hint of ginger and heat. Buuuut, if you aren't a peanut fan they have the original ginger flavor and also a coffee flavor. They're a great all natural candy to add to your pantry for a sweet treat!

3. Planners & Stationary 

You guys, I have a problem. I cannot go to TJMaxx or Marshalls without browsing the planners and stationary. If you know me, I love planners. I love making lists. I love notebooks. I love pens. I'm just kind of a stationary/planner freak, I can't help it! Usually I just look and don't buy, but yesterday I walked out of TJMaxx with a new planner (I love the polka dots), a little notebook for to do lists, and some funny pens (they say always write, rarely wrong, and occasionally charming). I'm pretttty happy with my purchases. Anyone else as obsessed with planners and other stationary as me? If so, RUN, don't walk to your nearest TJMaxx or Marshalls because they just restocked their planner/stationary section for the upcoming school year. If you'd rather online shop - I couldn't find my exact planner online, but HERE is one by the same brand. 

4. Laughing Cow Cheese 

I'm also loving these little wedges of laughing cow cheese. I've been adding one to my scrambled eggs just as I take them out of the pan. The cheese melts perfectly so that you can kind of "stir" them into your eggs and it tastes super delicious!

5. Stella & Dot Bracelets 

I follow Stella & Dot on Instagram and saw this picture on their feed this week. I love the mixture of the bracelets and the leopard watch, and love the stacked look! I already have the gold, spiky bracelet to the right of the watch, and now I definitely have my eye on the watch and the other bracelets in this picture! Do you guys have any Stella & Dot jewelry? I would love to hear about your favorites. 

That's it for Friday Favorites for this week! If you want to keep up with me over the weekend I would love for you to follow me on Instagram (my username is joyfullyjenna or click HERE to go directly to my Instagram page). You can also keep up with me on Facebook by "liking" my Facebook page. You can find it by typing Joyfully Jenna into your search bar, or by clicking HERE

I'm off to get in a workout before a fun-filled weekend with my sister! I hope you guys have an awesome and safe weekend :) 

Catch ya on Monday!