4 Tips to Crush Your Work Week

Hey, hey, friends! I hope you had a fun and relaxing weekend. Mine was nice and relaxing, with an afternoon full of looking at rehearsal dinner venues on Saturday. My sister fell in love with one of them, and we're hoping to hear back that the date we want is free (fingers crossed)! During our Saturday afternoon trip we stopped to share a cheese board, mushroom soup, and got some delicious drinks. The cheese board was so, so yummy! The pickled red onions were my favorite. 


I got an apple pie chai to sip on, and oh my GOODNESS it was absolutely delicious. 


I'm hoping to recreate the apple pie chai at home, so I'll definitely share once I do! Anyways, I wanted to drop into today to share my top tips to crush your work week. I find that when I actually do these four things, my weeks go a whole lot smoother and I feel so much better when Friday rolls around. I know that some of these tips seem pretty obvious, but I find myself still not doing a few of them, so I figure I can't be alone! So, I thought I'd give myself a refresher, and I hope that one of you will find this post valuable too.

1. Stick to a Bed Time. 

Yes, I know, sounds like this tip should be for a 5 year old, but guess what? We can all benefit from setting a bed time for ourselves and actually sticking to it. I don't know about you guys, but when I decide to stay up for just one more episode of a show, instead of going to sleep at my regular time, I totally pay for it the next day. I'm less productive during the day and I'm also more likely to grab for unhealthy foods and skip my workout. Anyone else with me on this one? If you find yourself sleepwalking through your day and unable to make it to your workout, try setting a bed time! And when I say bed time, I don't mean scrolling-through-your-phone-time. Put that bad boy on the other side of the room!

2. Use a Planner.

I've always loved, loved, loved planners. I love putting pen to paper, so I'm totally a planner girl, but, if you're not into planners you can use your phone calendar the same way. I think sitting down on Sunday and looking at your planner (or phone calendar) for the week ahead helps to make you feel more prepared and less frazzled going through the week. Also, it makes sure that you're not going to overbook yourself or miss any important dates. Again, it may sound silly and obvious, but I think being organized is key to staying sane during the week, and planners= organization.

3. Make Daily To-Do Lists.

This tip kind of goes along with using a planner, but honestly, to-do lists are my best friend. Once you're at your desk each morning, grab a piece of paper and a pen and write down everything you want or need to accomplish that day. I like to write out to-do lists each day to prioritize what I need to get done - like blog posts, recipes to make, jobs to apply for, etc. To-do lists honestly ran my life during grad school, and I'm not sure I would have stayed sane without them haha. There's just something really satisfying about crossing things off once you've completed them. Give it a try this week!

4. Exercise.

Last but not least: exercise. Stick to your exercise schedule! Don't let yourself make excuse after excuse during the week to not hit the gym. I've been there, done that, and when Friday hits I'm feeling not so great. And to be honest, exercising will make you so much more productive and will actually increase your energy during the week. Believe me, no one ever regrets a workout, right? Use that planner of yours and schedule your workouts for the week, right now! Act as if your workout is an actual appointment that you can't miss, and you'll be much more likely to follow through with your gym trip. 

Alright, friends, thanks for stopping by the blog today, and I hope that these tips will help you throughout the week! Happy Monday :)