Hey there, friends! Happy Monday and Happy New Year! I hope that 2017 has treated you well so far. Anyone else struggling with a case of the sniffles after the busy holiday season? It seems like a lot of people are getting hit with a cold right now, so I wanted to stop by tonight to share a natural cold remedy with all of you that I originally found on Simple Green Smoothies.

This recipe for tea is easy, only uses three ingredients, and can be stored in the refrigerator for future use (it keeps for about two months in the fridge). Let's jump right into it!


Like I said, this recipe only calls for three ingredients: lemon, ginger, and honeyLemon is high in vitamin C, which keeps our immune system strong to fight against those pesky colds. Ginger assists you in sweating out the toxins in your body, which is helpful when you have a cold. Ginger is also a real winner when it comes to nausea or dizziness! Last, but certainly not least, honey will soothe your sore throat and also is a natural cough suppressant. Pretty cool, right? Oh, and the natural sweetness of honey also balances out the lemon and ginger flavors - making this tea nice and soothing to sip on!


  • 2 lemons 
  • 2 pieces of fresh ginger (about the size of your middle and index finger)
  • Honey (I used Makuna honey, but after making it, raw honey may work better as makuna honey is very thick)
  • 12 oz mason jar 

I found my fresh ginger at Trader Joe's for under $2, which is a pretty awesome price! So, if you have a Trader Joe's near you I would highly recommend shopping for this recipe there.


1. Slice lemons and ginger. Place the slices in the mason jar, alternating layers of the ginger and lemon slices. 


2. Slowly, pour honey over the lemon and ginger. Allow the honey to continue to sink down around the layers. Fill to the top of the jar and then seal with the mason jar lid.


3. Put your natural cold remedy in your refrigerator. As time goes by, the mixture will turn into a loose jelly. 

That's it! How easy is that? Once you're ready to have some tea you'll just scoop 2-3 tablespoons of the mixture into a mug full of hot water. Make sure you get some slices of lemon and ginger in your mug too. You'll allow it to steep for about 3-4 minutes and then enjoy! Bring on the soothing goodness of your natural cold remedy!

I hope that this tea will come to your rescue if you find yourself with a pesky cold. 

Stay healthy, friends!

A Coffee Lovers' Body Scrub & Weekend Recap

Goooooood morning, you lovely people! I hope that you all had a great weekend! It was really hot here this weekend, and we're hoping that after today things will cool down and start to feel like the beginnings of Fall. 

My weekend started off with a relaxing night at home with a short trip out to Sweet Nel's for some absolutely delicious ice cream. If you missed my Friday Favorites post you can read all about my love for Sweet Nel's here. I told you guys I would snap some pictures of our ice cream this time, and I delivered! I managed to convince my dad to let me take a picture of his before he dug in, and I resisted from taking a bit of my brownie sundae for a quick picture too ;P


My brownie sundae was chocolatey, decadent, and delicious! I got chocolate raspberry chip ice cream on top of the brownie, with hot fudge, homemade whipped cream, and chocolate sprinkles. Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is! The girl who made my sundae was a little heavy handed with the scoops of ice cream she gave me - good or bad thing??? Good at first and then bad when you eat wayyy too much and feel a little too full afterwards :) 


My dad's absolutely in love with their caramel sundae, and rightfully so! Their caramel sauce is unlike any other caramel I've ever had. It's dreamy. It's delicious. It's just absolutely to-die-for. If you're local and you still haven't made your way over to Sweet Nel's, please do yourself a favor and treat yourself ASAP to some of their delicious ice cream!

Saturday my mom and I got out of the house for a bit and ran a few errands. I had a $20 coupon for DSW so we went to check some shoes out and I ended up bringing home two pairs to try on with jeans so I could figure out which ones to keep. These are the ones that I'm leaning on keeping (click here), but the other ones (click here) are super cute too! Ahhh, decisions, decisions. 

After we left DSW my mom and I went into Marshall's Home Goods just to walk around and browse. Anyone else love just walking around that store? We loved looking at the the Fall decorations that were out and ended up walking away with a few large containers to organize some of the kitchen pantry baking goods, like flour. 

On Saturday night I met up with two of my good friends, Meg and Lisa, for dinner at a local place called The Oyster House. I didn't snap a picture of my food (I got the fish tacos), but it was pretty delicious! I did happen to snap a picture of the drink I ordered which was a Peach Crush, which had some peach liquor, club soda, and freshly squeezed orange juice. Definitely a winner in my book, and I loved that they served the drink in a cute little mason jar. Again, for my local readers, I would recommend checking out The Oyster House for dinner if you haven't already. 


It was great to catch up with Meg and Lisa and get to talk about some of Lisa's wedding planning. Lisa got engaged recently and is getting married next summer so the wedding planning is in full swing! Speaking of weddings, Meg is the Wedding Coordinator at her job and she'll be guest posting on Joyfully Jenna pretty soon with some tips for brides-to-be! I got a sneak peak at her content last night, and let me tell ya, you don't want to miss her post. Be on the lookout for it pretty soon :)

As I write this it's Sunday morning and I'm still in my pjs. I'm planning on getting a workout in today, finishing up a recipe, and then heading to my sister and fiancé's place to watch some football. Before I go though, I want to leave you with a homemade body scrub that you can make in a short 5 minutes and will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft. Did I mention that the main ingredient is coffee? So, if you're a coffee lover (or just like the smell of coffee) you're gonna like this recipe!

I got this recipe from Kristin Cavallari's Instagram account - remember her from Laguna Beach and The Hills? All you need is: coffee grounds, almond milk or coconut oil, and unsweetened cocoa powder. 


You'll take a 1/4 cup of finely ground coffee beans, 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder, and either almond milk or coconut oil (start with 3 tablespoons and keep adding if you need more - you don't want the scrub too be chunky, or super liquid-y either, find a balance in the middle). 


Once it's to a good point consistency-wise, you can go ahead and use your delicious smelling scrub! Just gently rub on your skin and rinse off, and voila! Smooth and soft skin with a natural scrub :) You could even make this scrub, put it in a cute container, tie it up with ribbon, and give it as a gift!


Alright, friends, I'm signing off for today! Thank you guys as always for reading this post, it means a lot. I hope that you'll give this DIY scrub a try :) 

Question of The Day: What was the best part of your weekend? 

Catch ya next time!