5 Quotes To Start Your Week Off Right

Who else is totally guilty of being obsessed with quotes in middle school/high school? Does QuotexWhore ring a bell for anyone? I know if my sister is reading this she'll definitely remember that website! We used to scroll through looking at quotes and copying and pasting them into a word document (or our AIM profiles LOL) for hours. 

Although that website isn't around anymore (...it's not right?) I still love looking through quotes from time to time, and I'll use them to motivate me, inspire me, and just to remind me of things I value. So, I figured I'd share my top five favorite quotes of the moment to help you start your week off on the right foot! Fun fact: The first one sits framed on my nightstand - I love the reminder that things will happen when they're meant to and to not sit and wonder why they haven't yet, or when they will.


I hope that at least one of these quotes resonated with you, inspired you, or motivated you for the upcoming week! Do you have a favorite quote that you like to keep in mind? Let me know in the comments!