Friday Favorites #17

Hey, guys! Happy Friday! I hope that you all have some fun plans on the agenda for the weekend. On Saturday morning I'm trying on bridesmaids dresses for my friend Lisa's wedding that's next summer, so that's really exciting! And on Saturday night I'll be heading to The Melting Pot for my friend Taylor's birthday. Her and her boyfriend live in NYC, so it's always really nice to have them back home for the weekend! 

Before I sign off for the weekend, I of course wanted to share with you what I've been loving this week. If you're new to the blog, each Friday I share 4-5 things that have been making me smile this week. I would love, love, love to hear what's been making you happy this week. Let me know in a comment! 

1. Trader Joe's Turkey and Stuffing Kettle Chips


Well friends, these pretty much taste like Thanksgiving. I ran into Trader Joe's last week with my mom to pick up some frozen blueberries for the Baked Blueberry Oatmeal bars and they had these chips out for samples. Once my mom and I sampled these we knew we weren't going to be walking away without a bag. You've gotta try them!

2. 6 Things You Need to Hear

Olivia is another blogger that I follow, and one of her posts really spoke to me this week. She talks about "6 Things You Need to Hear" and I'm sure all of us can relate to at least a few of them. If you're looking for a pick-me-up or just want to feel like you can, you know, go out and crush all of your goals, read her post!

3. Lola in Doggles


So, if you've been following my blog since the summer, you know that one of my pugs, Lola, got diagnosed with diabetes and then went blind shortly after. Lo is possibly (definitely) the SWEETEST pup in all the land. I mean, this dog lets me give her an insulin shot two times per day and also lets us give her three eye drops two times a day. Bottom line, she's a champ. Cataract surgery is hopefully in the future for Lo in the next few months, but for now we got her some doggles so she can walk all around the house without having to worry about injuring her eyes by running into anything. Bonus: She looks really funny in them, so they're great for some laughs, haha!

4. Balsam & Fir Candle


I scored this candle at Marshalls last week for $9 and it's giving me all of the Christmas feels. I've been burning it anytime I've been at my computer doing work, and it's been making me smile all week long! If you're looking for a new candle to get you in the holiday mood, definitely check out Marshalls! 

Alright, guys, that's all I've got for this week! Like always, let me know one thing that made you smile this week. I'd love to hear from you! You can stay connected with me over the weekend by following me on Instagram (username: joyfullyjenna). 

Happy Weekend!



Friday Favorites #16

Hi there, friends! Happy Friday! I hope that you have some fun plans on your weekend agenda. It's felt a little crazy around here this week. You know those weeks where it feels like you just cannot get caught up no matter how hard you try? Yeah, I've had one of those! I'm really hoping to take this weekend to just catch up on things, including some recipe testing and fun projects for you guys! So, besides bridesmaid dress shopping on Sunday afternoon with my sister for her wedding (yay!!!) I'll be chipping away at some blog posts and other miscellaneous things. 

Before I sign off for the weekend I'm stopping by with my usual round-up of the things that made me smile this week. As usual, I'd love to hear what you've been loving. Let me know in the comments!

1. Target's Dollar Spot: Christmas Edition


Oh man, guys, we're in trouble. Target's Dollar Spot has done it yet again. They now have Christmas gift bags, wrapping paper, gift tags, and everything that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside stocked and ready to jump into your shopping cart. ALL FOR ONE DOLLAR. It took everything in me to not grab about ten of everything. If you haven't been to Target recently and love hopping on the Christmas train early like I do - go!!! 

2. Nutrition/Beauty YouTube Channel


Excuse the not-so-pretty screenshot from my phone, but I've been following Becca's YouTube channel for awhile now, and I always love her videos! Becca's a Registered Dietitian and shares nutrition information on her channel, like how to choose the healthiest granola bars and different healthy dinner ideas! She also posts make-up and skincare videos every so often which I love! Definitely check her out!

3. HIIT & Ab Workout


Have you guys ever done a workout from Tone It Up's YouTube channel? If not, you're missing out! Karena and Katrina's workouts are awesome. I mean...look at them! They must be doing something right. Their workouts are relatively short, but you'll quickly work up a sweat while doing one! This HIIT and Ab workout is calling your name for a quick weekend workout. Give it a try!

4. Love Your Melon Winter Hats


I follow Love Your Melon on Instagram and they recently just came out with their new line of winter hats, and man, they're adorable! One of these will be going right to the top of my Christmas list. The best part? During the holiday season Love Your Melon donates 50% of their proceeds of each hat to nonprofit partners to help fight pediatric cancer. It's a feel good kinda gift, friends. 

5. Hallmark Channel's Christmas Movies


Okay, I may or may not be a little, teensy, tiny bit embarrassed that this made it to my Friday Favorites. To be completely honest, I totally used to make fun of Hallmark's cheesy-everything-works-out holiday movies. BUT, I've had a change of heart. You know, sometimes it's just nice to watch a movie that's uber cheesy and has everything work out just the way it's supposed to in the end. If you were nodding your head when I was talking about jumping on the Christmas chain early, turn on the Hallmark channel at some point this weekend. I bet you'll end up changing your mind just like me (if you don't already love it)! 

Alright friends, that's what I've been loving this week! I'd love to hear what you've been loving. Let me know in the comments. 

Happy Weekend! Keep up with me this weekend by following me on Instagram (username: joyfullyjenna)

Friday Favorites #15

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you have some fun things lined up for the weekend, with some relaxation time, too. This weekend is my dad's birthday weekend, so we'll be having a family dinner on Sunday. I'm in charge of making his birthday cake so I'll be spending a good portion of the day on Saturday baking up a storm in the kitchen, and then attempting to be a good cake decorator. Anyone out there have any tips for decorating a cake? I always dream up this picture of the most beautifully iced cake and doesn't turn out that way haha. Stay tuned on Instagram stories (username: joyfullyjenna) to see how the cake decorating goes! Let's hope it's not a total fail ;P

Before we all head out for the weekend, I'm stopping by with my usual Friday favorites post! I'm rounding up the things that I've been loving this week, or things that have just made me smile. Let's jump right in!

1. The Cake by Hannah

image via

The Cake by Hannah is by far one of my favorite bloggers. I love her posts because they're so real and honest, and I think most people can relate to them. One of my favorite posts of hers is one where she talks about struggling with the change of growing up, which really resonates with me in my life as I'm figuring out what my career will be. Anyone else relate? Well, Hannah just totally revamped her blog this week and she added The Cake Shop. These t-shirts are quite possibly (definitely) my new favorite thing. I mean...Cake, Wine, & Gilmore Time? Say no more. As someone who just started watching Gilmore Girls this past summer (I'm almost to season 4) and LOVES it - this t-shirt is perfect. 

2. Vanilla Almond Sugar Cookie Recipe


Sorry, friends, but this cookie recipe is too good not to show up in my weekly favorites. If you missed the recipe, you can click here to get it! Like I said in my blog post, this sugar cookie recipe is hands down the best one I've ever made. They're not overly sweet and have just a hint of vanilla and almond flavor. Yum!

3. Trader Joe's Mandarin Oranges


Okay, super random, but these mandarin oranges from Trader Joe's are so, so good. You know how sometimes you pick up a bag of these and they're all tart and no sweet? Not these gems. They're so sweet and so good. One or two of these are the perfect midday pick-me-up snack! Grab some this weekend on your weekly grocery run :) 

Alright, friends, that's all I have for this week! I'd love to hear what's been making you smile this week - let me know in the comments!

Happy Weekend!



Friday Favorites #14

Hey there! Happy Friday! I hope that you have some fun plans lined up for this weekend. Before I sign off for the weekend I wanted to stop by with my usual Friday Favorites post. Don't forget to let me know what you've been loving by leaving me a comment :)

1. Halloween Candy

Okay, so this may be kind of silly, but I'm really looking forward to being home to give out candy to the neighborhood kids on Halloween this year. I haven't been home to do it the past few years, so I can't wait to see the kids in their costumes! My mom and I also may have gone a bit overboard on our basket of candy - I'm totally trying to be the coolest house on the block (LOL). Anyone else get this excited to give out candy?! *Insert blushing/embarrassed emoji here*

2. The 18th Birthday News Story

Did you guys hear about the parents who asked their loved ones to write their daughter letters instead of giving gifts for her 1st birthday? They saved all of the letters for her to open on her 18th birthday, and it's such a sweet story. I think that their idea is so amazing, and she ended up opening letters from 7 family members who had passed on since her 1st birthday. How special is that? Read the full story HERE.

3. This Mug

image via 

image via 

How funny is this mug? Please tell me that I'm not the only one who got a good laugh out of this, haha. This is totally and completely me (and probably every other girl reading this). I could literally spend hours in Target, especially now that they have their Christmas decor out. Ya with me?! If so, you can actually buy this mug on BlueSparrowDesignsCo Etsy store, click HERE.

4. Tone It Up's YouTube Channel

I've been going back to Tone It Up's workout channel for quick workouts since early on in college. Karena and Katrina's workouts are relatively short and very effective. If you're feeling like you just don't have it in you to go out in the cold weather to make it to the gym one day, definitely check out their Youtube channel for a workout that you can do at home! Click HERE to be redirected to their Youtube. 

Alright, friends, that's what I've been loving this week. Now, it's your turn to tell me one of your favorites of the week down in the comments. I want to hear from you, don't be shy :)

Happy Weekend!

Friday Favorites #10

Hey, hey, hey, it's Friday! I hope that you have some fun plans lined up for the weekend! My sister will be home part of the weekend because my mom's birthday is on Sunday so we'll be doing some bridesmaid dress shopping, going out for my mom's birthday dinner, and just having some sister time which I'm pretty excited about!

Before I sign off for the weekend I wanted to stop by with my typical round-up of my favorites of the week. So, let's get right into them! As always, I would love to hear what you've been loving this week too, so make sure to leave a comment :) 

1. Zazzle Business Cards


A month or two ago I decided it was time to order some business cards, so I headed over to Vistaprint's website since you know, you see about 300 advertisements for them and their deals everyday haha. But, I wasn't super impressed with their options so I then went to Zazzle's website, and let me tell ya, they have some cool options! I'm really happy with how mine turned out and I feel like they really match my blog and my general "brand". If you're in the market for business cards I would definitely recommend checking them out.

2. Poshmark 


Have you guys heard of Poshmark? Basically it's a website (they also have an app) where you can sell any clothes, jewelry, or shoes that you no longer want. About two weeks ago I went through my closet and took out a lot of clothes, jewelry (like the watch in the picture above), and a few other odds and ends that I kept saying I would wear but never did. So, I figured why let it sit in my closet for another year when I could make a little extra cash from it! I still have some more items to add, so feel free to check out my Poshmark "closet" (click HERE) frequently if you're interested in buying anything! 

3. Mindfulness Glitter Jar


This made it onto the Friday favorites because it's been my most pinned post over on Pinterest! If you missed the post on how to make your own mindfulness glitter jar, click HERE. These jars are not only fun to make, but they truly do have a calming effect. If you have time over the weekend pick up the supplies to make one!

4. Cornbread


Super random, I know, but my dad requested a beef stew earlier this week, and I decided to make some cornbread to go with it. The cornbread recipe I used was so easy and was sweetened with honey, no sugar, which made it a whole lot healthier than a lot of other recipes I've seen. I'll be sharing the recipe on the blog soon, along with my favorite chili recipe! Stay tuned :)

Alright, guys, that's all I've got for this week's Friday Favorites. Don't forget to let me know what you've been loving this week in the comments! Have an awesome weekend :)