Thanksgiving Day Workout

Hey there! Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Who else is pumped for all of the Thanksgiving foods tomorrow?! I'm cooking/baking up a storm today in preparation for tomorrow, and I can't wait to eat all of the yummy food. If you want to see what I'm making, follow me on Instagram (username: joyfullyjenna) and watch my Instagram story throughout the day.

With all of the food that we'll be eating on Thanksgiving, it's nice to sneak in a quick workout Thanksgiving morning. So, I've thrown together a workout that I'll be doing the morning of Thanksgiving, and I thought I'd share it with you all! I designed this workout to be short, effective, sweaty, and to not involve much equipment - meaning you can do it right at home!


Don't ya just love when I throw in some "Yay! Burpees"??? I hope you enjoy this workout, and remember to take breaks when you feel you need to. Happy early Thanksgiving friends!



Holiday Gift Guide: Fitness Lover Edition

Happy Tuesday! I hope that your week has been going smoothly so far. The cold weather is slowly starting to make its appearance around here, and it's making me excited for the holidays! I mean, Thanksgiving is next Thursday. How did that even happen?! I'm going to be stopping by tomorrow to share with you what sides and desserts I'll be making for Thanksgiving. Make sure to come on by if you're looking for some recipes!

With Thanksgiving being next week, Christmas is going to be here before we know it! So, since time is flying right on by I figured I would share my first gift guide of the holiday season. All of the gifts in this guide are perfect for any fitness lovers in your life. I wouldn't mind if some of them showed up under the tree for me! :)


Going left to right, starting at the top:

1. Zella 'Midnight' High Waist Cutout Midi Leggings:

Zella leggings are by far my favorite leggings. Don't you hate leggings that continually fall down while you're running or just exercising in general? Yeah, me too, and Zella leggings don't do that. I love the fun cutouts on this pair! Perfect for your friend that has an edgier style. 

2. Zella Live In Slim Fit Leggings:

These gems are on sale right now for only $37, which is a STEAL for Zella leggings. I love the design on these! I think these are the "safe" choice - any gal would love to score these at Christmas!

3. Zella 'Hatha' High Waist Crop Leggings:

This was kind of my wild card pick, but I think that this design is so cute! The mesh cutouts seem to be a big trend right now, and I love how the black and white design compliments them. These are the perfect choice for your girlfriend who likes to make a statement at the gym!

4. Zella Melange Knit Pants:

These are the PERFECT pair of pants to wear to the gym, but also to lounge around in! They're so cozy, but still stylish enough that you don't feel like a bum running errands in them ;P I think any girl would love to find these under the tree!

5. The North Face Women's Thermal Ear Gear:

Is your friend, aunt, sister, or mom a runner? If they continue to run outside in the winter months, they'll love you for this gift! The North Face Women's Thermal Ear Gear will keep their ears nice and toasty on their long runs. Great stocking stuffer, too!

6. Shop Aviate Hat:

This hat has shown up on the blog before, and I think it would make a great gift! BNA is the airport code for Nashville's airport, and Shop Aviate has all different cities airport codes. Right now, PHL is unfortunately out of stock, but I emailed the company and they said it should be back in stock by the end of the week. Head on over to see if they have your favorite city! If you know someone that loves hats, this is a great choice for them. Everyone needs a hat for that post-workout sweaty hair, right?!

7. Nike Sneakers:

I mean, you can't go wrong with gifting a pair of these beautiful babes! Any fitness junkie out there loves their sneakers, and Nike has been coming out with some pretty cute pairs. I love the gray and black simplistic design of these. I think they'd look cute with just about any color leggings! 

8. I Do It For The Pizza Tank:

What girl doesn't love pizza? I've been loving the workout tanks that have been popping up with cute sayings like this one. The Etsy store that sells this tank also has a bunch of other sayings, including one that says "I Do It For The Tacos". I mean, can I just have them all?

9. Zella Pullover:

I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for sweatshirts that I can throw on with a pair of yoga pants or leggings that won't make me look like a total bum, and this pullover takes the cake! I absolutely love the cobalt blue color I've put on the gift guide, but if you're not into bright colors they have neutral color choices too. 

10. Zella Long Sleeve:

Another cute option for those people who like to go right from the gym to run some errands. Cozy and cute!

11. Swell Water Bottle:

Swell water bottles are pretty much They'll keep your water cold for up to 24 hours, and your coffee or tea hot up to 12 hours. Pretty cool right? Oh, and a portion of the sale of each bottle goes to UNICEF to help provide clean drinking water to children around the world. So, you can feel good about buying one of these gems! 

12. Ponytail Holders:

If you're a fitness lover, you need a serious ponytail holder to keep your hair in place during all of those burpees, jump squats, and running! These hair ties have a 5-star rating with 100 reviews. Not too shabby, right? They come in a bunch of different colors and are perfect as a stocking stuffer!

13. Apple Sport Watch:

This is the perfect gift for your friend that really likes to track her steps, calories burned, hours spent standing, etc. I have the apple sport watch and absolutely love the health app on it, and all of the other cool features the watch has to offer! This is definitely a pricier gift, but one that would be well-appreciated.

14. Gym Bag:

Okay, so technically this bag is considered a weekender bag. BUT I think it's the perfect size for your friend who runs to the gym right after or before work. Think of the friend who goes to the gym before work - they have to pack their work outfit, shoes, hair dryer, make-up, and whatever else they may need. I'm sure they would love a cute gym bag to tote all of that stuff around in! 

15. Gloves:

Last but not least, you can't go wrong with a pair of tech friendly gloves for your friend that still runs outside in the winter. Another cute option for a stocking stuffer, or you could get these and the ear warmer headband - what a perfect gift for that outside runner!

Alright, friends! I hope that you guys enjoyed the first gift guide of the holiday season. Hopefully you were able to grab a few gift ideas for your friends and family. 

Happy Shopping! 



Friday Favorites #16

Hi there, friends! Happy Friday! I hope that you have some fun plans on your weekend agenda. It's felt a little crazy around here this week. You know those weeks where it feels like you just cannot get caught up no matter how hard you try? Yeah, I've had one of those! I'm really hoping to take this weekend to just catch up on things, including some recipe testing and fun projects for you guys! So, besides bridesmaid dress shopping on Sunday afternoon with my sister for her wedding (yay!!!) I'll be chipping away at some blog posts and other miscellaneous things. 

Before I sign off for the weekend I'm stopping by with my usual round-up of the things that made me smile this week. As usual, I'd love to hear what you've been loving. Let me know in the comments!

1. Target's Dollar Spot: Christmas Edition


Oh man, guys, we're in trouble. Target's Dollar Spot has done it yet again. They now have Christmas gift bags, wrapping paper, gift tags, and everything that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside stocked and ready to jump into your shopping cart. ALL FOR ONE DOLLAR. It took everything in me to not grab about ten of everything. If you haven't been to Target recently and love hopping on the Christmas train early like I do - go!!! 

2. Nutrition/Beauty YouTube Channel


Excuse the not-so-pretty screenshot from my phone, but I've been following Becca's YouTube channel for awhile now, and I always love her videos! Becca's a Registered Dietitian and shares nutrition information on her channel, like how to choose the healthiest granola bars and different healthy dinner ideas! She also posts make-up and skincare videos every so often which I love! Definitely check her out!

3. HIIT & Ab Workout


Have you guys ever done a workout from Tone It Up's YouTube channel? If not, you're missing out! Karena and Katrina's workouts are awesome. I mean...look at them! They must be doing something right. Their workouts are relatively short, but you'll quickly work up a sweat while doing one! This HIIT and Ab workout is calling your name for a quick weekend workout. Give it a try!

4. Love Your Melon Winter Hats


I follow Love Your Melon on Instagram and they recently just came out with their new line of winter hats, and man, they're adorable! One of these will be going right to the top of my Christmas list. The best part? During the holiday season Love Your Melon donates 50% of their proceeds of each hat to nonprofit partners to help fight pediatric cancer. It's a feel good kinda gift, friends. 

5. Hallmark Channel's Christmas Movies


Okay, I may or may not be a little, teensy, tiny bit embarrassed that this made it to my Friday Favorites. To be completely honest, I totally used to make fun of Hallmark's cheesy-everything-works-out holiday movies. BUT, I've had a change of heart. You know, sometimes it's just nice to watch a movie that's uber cheesy and has everything work out just the way it's supposed to in the end. If you were nodding your head when I was talking about jumping on the Christmas chain early, turn on the Hallmark channel at some point this weekend. I bet you'll end up changing your mind just like me (if you don't already love it)! 

Alright friends, that's what I've been loving this week! I'd love to hear what you've been loving. Let me know in the comments. 

Happy Weekend! Keep up with me this weekend by following me on Instagram (username: joyfullyjenna)

5 Daily Habits That Will Make You More Active

Hey, hey, hey! How's your day going so far? Have you been stuck at your desk for the majority of the morning? Feeling sluggish? Maybe those cookies in the staff kitchen are looking pretty good to you right about now...

Some days it's hard to be active. You're stuck finishing up a project at work and end up staying late, which means your workout gets put on the back burner. Or maybe when you get home from work the couch looks a whole lot better than lacing up your sneakers and going for a run or to the gym. The thing is though, you know that you feel better when you get your exercise in (hi, endorphins), so how do you ensure that you're active daily? Below you'll find my five tips that will help you to be more active on a daily basis. Read on, friends!



1. Park Further Away

Whether it's at work, the grocery store, the mall, or just anywhere - take the parking spot that's far away from the building. You'll get more steps in that way AND you won't have to fight over the closest parking spot with someone else. It boggles my mind when I see people legitimately getting angry if someone takes a close parking spot that they were planning on trying to park in. I mean, come on people, is it really going to kill ya to walk a bit further? Remember, it's recommended that you get in 10,000 steps each day. I know, it may sound daunting at first, but I promise you can get there! Take it slow - start with a goal of 3,000 and work your way up. Oh, and by the way, completing those 10,000 steps per day typically burns about 2000 to 3500 extra calories each week, total win in my book!

2. Get a Standing Desk

Do you work at a desk job? If so, I highly recommend investing in a standing desk. They aren't cheap, but think of it as an investment in your health. A lot of articles are saying that sitting is the new smoking, kind of scary, right? Researchers have found that prolonged sitting increases the risk of developing serious illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease - all the more reason to get yourself a standing desk! You could even ask your boss if he or she would be willing to look into putting standing desks into the budget, as it could cut down the company's healthcare costs in insurance. 

3. Set Reminders 

Alright, so maybe you feel like a standing desk isn't in the budget right now. That's okay! Here's another option for ya: setting reminders on your phone or computer to stand up throughout the day. Sounds kind of silly right? But, it's not really silly at all when you think about it. How many times have you been so into your work that you look at the clock and all of the sudden three hours have passed? Yeah, I've been there too! By setting a reminder on your computer or on your phone you'll be more mindful of how long you've been sitting. Set a reminder for each hour to get up and take a lap around the office. I guarantee stepping away for a few minutes will actually allow to be more focused and productive when you get back to your desk!

4. Don't Sit Down When You Get Home

Just don't do it. If you're someone who exercises after work at night, sitting down when you get home is a trap. How many times have you said "I'll just sit down for a few minutes and then I'll go work out"? I'm totally raising my hand right now because this has happened to me too many times! I've found that the best strategy is to put on your sneakers and get out the door to exercise as soon as you get home. No sitting down! Even better, bring your gym clothes to work and change into them there and go exercise before you even go home. 

5. Prep The Night Before

This one is for all of my morning exercisers. It's 6AM and your alarm goes off. You're tired. You have a long day ahead of you at work. Hitting that snooze button is so tempting. It's even more tempting when you know you still have to get an outfit together, fill up your water bottle, and pack whatever you need in your gym bag. Make your mornings as easy as possible for yourself. Lay out your gym clothes the night before. I'm talking sports bra, shorts, top, socks, sneakers, headband - whatever you need, lay it out for yourself! Fill up your water bottle and stick it in the fridge. Just make sure that everything you'll need is already ready. This makes getting out of bed a lot (or at least a little) easier! 

Well, there you have it, my five tips that will make you more active during your typical day. Let me know in the comments if you try out one of my tips or if you have your own tip to share! I love to hear from you guys. 

Have an awesome day :)


"SLAP" It Good - Workout Wednesday

Hello, hello lovely people and happy hump day! I hope that your week has been great so far, and that you're soaking in the last bit of summer. 

Sometimes towards the middle of the week we start to feel tired and that episode of The Real Housewives of NYC starts looking a whole lot better than working out! Can you relate? I think that those are the days that we need to push ourselves to workout the most. Don't get me wrong, rest days are super important, and if your body is telling you it needs a day of rest with no exercise, that's what you should do! But, let's be honest here, friends, most of the time we're all extremely capable of getting a workout in. So, save that episode of the Real Housewives (or watch it while working out), lace up your sneakers, and get ready to sweat!

Workout Wednesday: SLAP

So, you're probably wondering what the heck SLAP stands for, right? Let me break it down for ya... 

S = Squat | L = Legs | A = Abs | P = Pushup

The way the workout for today is going to work is: you're going to have 1 SLAP and then a series of cardio exercises, another SLAP, a series of cardio exercises, and so on. For the SLAP exercises, I want you to complete 1 minute of each. Remember, the important thing is to listen to your body, if you need to stop for a rest, take one! For the cardio intervals, you'll do each exercise for 30 seconds, take a ten second rest, and then move onto the next move. Once you're done, you'll move onto the next SLAP, then the next cardio. This workout is a TOTAL BODY workout, meaning it's going to target all muscle groups! Get ready to get sweatttty!

Total Body Workout


This workout should take you about 30 minutes, give or take how many rests you take. If you want more of a challenge, feel free to add weights to the strength exercises like the squats, lunges, and ab exercises. You guys are going to CRUSH this workout! So, go ahead and lace up those sneakers, get off of the couch, and get movin'!

I would love to hear how this workout goes for you! Let me know in the comments, and make sure to click the "like" button if you liked this post, and then click the "share" button if you're totally loving it so your friends can get their sweat on too ;P

Catch ya next time!


Not sure what the exercises above look like? I've linked you to some pictures to show you how to complete the exercises:

Disclaimer: Remember, I am not a certified personal trainer, but I did teach various fitness classes at University of Delaware during graduate school and love to share the workouts my students and I completed. Please check with a medical provider before attempting these exercises.