Life Lately 10.25.16

Hey there, friends! I hope Tuesday is treating you well so far. I'm stopping by today to give you a peak into what life has looked like lately around here. It's involved a lot of these two...


Can you tell them apart? Munchkin is in the top picture and Lola is in the bottom picture. It's been a lot the past few months with both of these gals. Munch is 13 years old so she's well into her senior years. She has trouble getting around and also is on some medications for her partially collapsed trachea so she's a bit of handful getting in and outside, but we love her. I mean, who wouldn't? Look at that face :) 

If you've been reading for awhile, you know that Lola was diagnosed with diabetes late in the summer. So, the past few months of trying to get her diabetes under control has been quite the ride. BUT as of her last glucose curve she's considered a controlled diabetic! Woohoo! We're now really putting serious thought into getting her cataract surgery to get her vision back towards the end of November. She's a happy little dog now, but she's only ten and the thought of her being blind for three or four more years doesn't seem too great to us. I'll keep you guys posted!

Over this past weekend, my good friend Taylor was home with her new puppy named Kona. I met up with her on Saturday night for some good old girl talk, puppy time, wine, and pizza. Pretty great Saturday night, right? I mean...puppies and pizza. Our good friend Lisa also was able to stop by for a bit, so it was really nice to get to see two of my good friends! Here's a picture of little Kona. She's such a well-behaved puppy and so darn cute!


I can't get over her eyes!


On Sunday, my mom and I headed to the JDRF walk to support Marco. I had Marco write a guest post probably about a month ago on his journey with his Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis. If you were able to donate, I really, really appreciate it! The walk had a great turnout and a lot of money was raised that will go towards research for Type 1 Diabetes.

Other than that, I've been working on some potential job opportunities, researching some wedding-related stuff for my sister, and trying to stay on track with workout routine. Anyone else have trouble sticking to their workout routine when the seasons change? It's the worst! I'm on my second round of Kayla Itsines' BBG workout, which you can read about hereI've been trying to sneak in some exercise with these tips too.

Alright, friends! I'm signing off of here before I lose the motivation to go do my workout for today :P 



Friday Favorites #7

Hellllo, there! It's Friday. We made it! This week has felt especially long for me. With adjusting to giving Lola eye drops 2x per day and insulin shots 2x per day, it's been somewhat overwhelming. We've also had to separate Munchkin and Lola (which I may have mentioned in my last post) because Lola goes after Munchkin anytime they cross paths. So, for now we have a gate up in between the family room and kitchen. If you know pugs, you know that's hard because both dogs want to be by your side at all times. We're really hoping to get some answers when we take Lola to the vet tonight. It's possible that her levels are still really high which can cause her to act's also possible she's angry that she can't see and is taking it out on Munch, or both We're just not sure, but we're hoping it's temporary because this is not easy on top of everything else. 

On a lighter note, let's get into what I've been loving this week...

1. Margaritas, Mexican Food, and Girl Time


Last Saturday after we found out about Lola I grabbed drinks and dinner with one of my best friends, Meg. I wasn't sure if I was going to go because of the Lola situation, but I decided it would be best if I got out of the house for a bit. We went to a Anejo, a Mexican Grill & Tequila Bar, and got some delicious margaritas, chips & pico de gallo, and each got an entree. There's just something about margaritas, chatting with your girlfriend, and snacking on chips and salsa. Definitely one of my favorites. 

2. Bachelor in Paradise

image via

image via

I'm somewhat embarrassed that this is making it into my Friday favorites. BUT when you're stuck in the house most of the day helping out both dogs, ya need some trashy and mindless TV. I mentioned Bachelor in Paradise in another post recently, and guys, it really is just a trainwreck that you just cannot stop watching. I mean, the drama on that show is ridiculous and made me laugh a bit this week, so yes, it was one of my favorites this week. Don't judge me ;P

3. Trader Joe's Multigrain Waffles 


Okay, so these aren't as healthy as my homemade waffles, but sometimes you just don't have time to make things homemade. When I don't have time to make my waffles, but I still really want one to pair with some fruit or a smoothie for breakfast, I turn to good old TJ's multigrain waffles. You can pair them with a fruit/smoothie like I do, or maybe you want to put some peanut butter on there with a sliced banana! You can check out the ingredient list

4. Stopping and Enjoying the Simple Things


I posted the picture of that flower on my Instagram and Facebook Page this week with a reminder to try not to get caught up in the stress of day-to-day life. Can life be stressful? Yes, of course it can be. Is stress always a bad thing? No, not always. Sometimes it helps us to meet deadlines and our goals. BUT it's important to slow down and stop for a few moments everyday. Sometimes when I'm feeling overwhelmed I'll just step outside, take a few deep breaths, and look around at nature. Sounds kind of funny, right? Don't knock it till you try it though! Looking at the trees swaying in the wind, or just a pretty flower while taking a few deep breaths can have an effect on your mood and calm you down. This has easily been a favorite for me this week, as it's been quite a stressful one! 

5. My Pups & Your Support 


No matter how hard things have gotten this week and how many times I may or may not have wanted to pull my hair out, I love my dogs. I also love and appreciate those of you who reached out to me via email, text, or over Facebook to let me know you're thinking of Lola and our family. It truly means a lot. 

Thank you guys so much for reading this post, and my blog in general. It means a lot to me. I hope that you all have safe, relaxing, and fun weekends! I'm hoping to be able to resume to a more normal posting schedule by next week, and hopefully have some positive updates about Lola. 



An Unexpected Weekend

Good morning, friends! I hope that your weekend was fun and relaxing! This post is going to be a short one and I apologize for any typos along the way. It's been quite the long weekend. 

I usually like to give you guys a peak into my weekends on Mondays, so I'm going to do that hopefully in more detail on Tuesday. For now, I'm just going to give you a quick little recap.

So, on Friday afternoon I took Lola (our younger pug, 10 years old) in for some blood work. I had been smelling almost an alcohol-like smell on her breath for a week or so at that point. We had taken Lo to the vet last Monday, and I told my vet of my concerns (which were that her breath had that alcohol-like smell and I saw on various website that's a sign of diabetes). Well, my vet didn't seem very concerned and attributed her breath to maybe her eating something out of the ordinary. She told us we probably should get blood work at some point soon because of her being 10 years old and all - just to see where her health was.

I went home after our appointment on Monday and just still really didn't feel right about it. I just had this gut feeling that Lola's breath wasn't just due to something she may have eaten...

Because of my weird feelings I decided that I wanted to schedule her for blood work regardless - hoping that it would just be something to put my mind at ease. So, we took Lo on Friday to get her blood work done. On Saturday we got a call from the vet telling us that Lola has diabetes.

The vet said she was honestly really surprised that Lola's numbers had come back so high, as she didn't feel that she really presented as a dog with diabetes. So, our choices were to take her to the animal hospital on Saturday since the vet was closing (which would cost at least $1500) or wait until Tuesday when the vet was back in the office and hope that Lola didn't "crash and burn" as the vet put it. 

Something that really makes my blood boil is the cost of animal care. To take her to the hospital would have cost us at least $1500, but going to the vet for what they needed to do would only cost $215. I mean, it's just ridiculous in my opinion. I feel that they make you choose between your checkbook and your pet's health - which I have heard MANY people say. Simply because the vet was closing, which left us thinking that the hospital was really our only option for that day. 

We really didn't know what to do right away. Do we take her to the hospital and just know we have to spend that much money (and more by the way - her syringes and insulin itself cost $189)? We really didn't feel good about waiting until Tuesday (also really don't understand why the heck we had to wait until Tuesday...what about Monday?). Can you tell I wasn't super happy with our vet? If you know me and my family, you know Munch and Lo aren't just our dogs - they're much more than that. They're our family - hence the "crazy pug lady" in my bio section.

Well, thank goodness for my mom's friend Carla who happens to be a vet. We called her and she gave us a much better explanation of what was going on with Lola and how serious it was. She told us what we needed to do was get her started on insulin that day - not way until Tuesday or take her to the hospital. So, we picked up Lo's insulin and syringes from the pharmacy and headed to Carla's house where she examined Lola and also showed me how to give Lo her first insulin shot - which Lo will have to get twice per day for the rest of her life. A HUGE, HUGE thank you to Carla for making a really scary situation a little less scary and a lot more comfortable for us. She welcomed us into her home without a second thought. 

So, things were looking up from there. We at least got some insulin into Lola's body and felt good that Carla got to look at her. 

Later that day, towards the evening, my dad started noticing that Lola wasn't able to see things as well and eventually started running into things when making her way around the house. She basically went blind within a few hours. Her eye sight was probably worsening over time before this obviously, but not drastically enough for us to notice. Diabetic dogs are prone to getting cataracts, and Lola's developed very very quickly, which isn't unusual. 

So, now our poor Lola isn't able to see which is probably one of the saddest things - to watch her be so confused and wonder why she isn't able to see what she was able to just yesterday. BUT she is one smart cookie and has been learning her way around the house. We're hoping to get her into see the doggy eye doctor this week to see if she's a candidate for cataract surgery, which would most likely restore her vision. We'll also be visiting Carla at her vet practice for her to take a closer look at Lola, to check her blood sugar levels, and to figure out if we need to increase her insulin dosage.

I'm just very grateful that we caught it when we did, and I'm hoping that we caught it early enough. Dogs with diabetes can live normal lives as long as they're given the proper amount of insulin everyday, with a diabetic diet incorporated as well. I'll keep you guys updated, and I'll be doing my best to post this week, but bear with me as I'll be focusing on Lo a lot this week. 

Keep our little Lola in your thoughts and prayers this week if you could. Thanks for reading this post, it means a lot. 




Friday Favorites #5

It's the start of the weekend, happy Friday! I hope that your work day flies by and you're into weekend mode before you know it :) Not too much is on the agenda this weekend - I have a cousin's bridal shower on Sunday, but other than that, plans are up in the air. I'm going to try to take advantage of time and get started on a new business venture. Stay tuned for future posts to find out what I'm working on! 

As you all know, today is Friday favorites, which means I'll be sharing five things that I've been loving this week. I would love to know what your favorites of the week have been - feel free to let me know in the comments! 

1. Fountain of Health Humm! Hummus

I discovered this hummus at Whole Foods probably about a year ago, and now I can't bring myself to buy a different brand! If you're a Sabra hummus fan, trust me, this is going to be way better. They have several delicious flavors including, artichoke and spinach (the one in the picture), chipotle, caramelized onion (my fav), greek olive, roasted garlic, roasted pine nuts, and roasted red pepper. The flavor that I have on hand, artichoke and spinach, has a short and great ingredient list: chickpeas, water, tahini (sesame butter), canola oil, artichokes, spinach, lemon juice, sea salt, vinegar, olive oil, caper puree, garlic juice, garlic, onion, spices. I love that I can actually pronounce (and recognize) each of the ingredients in their hummus! All in all, this hummus just tastes fresher to me, and I definitely recommend trying it out!

2. Mini Sweet Peppers

This next favorite pairs perfectly with hummus. These mini sweet peppers taste just like they're described in their name: sweet! They're perfect to snack on with hummus or on their own! They're small enough that you could just throw a few on top of your salad, and they're also great for grilling in the summer! Just throw these little babes on the grill for a few minutes on each side, and you'll have an easy and delicious side dish for your dinner. You can find these at most grocery stores, my mom happened to pick these up at Whole Foods on Sunday, but I've seen them at Giant before too!

3. The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now

image taken from

image taken from

Any other Lauren Conrad fans out there? To say that I was excited that The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now was on this week is an understatement. My sister and I used to LOVE watching Laguna Beach (pretty sure we have all of the seasons on DVD) and we of course followed Lauren Conrad onto The Hills. I'm sure (hope) that many of you can relate to my obsession of her shows, haha. It was interesting to be able to see how the show filming worked - like how her and Brody's romance seemed to be staged for the show a bit (or a lot). Also, I was loving her hair in the That Was Then, This Is Now special and her clothes! Wouldn't you love to be able to borrow clothes from her closet?!

4. Queen Munchkin

"I'm a Queen...or maybe a Sailor?" - Munch

"I'm a Queen...or maybe a Sailor?" - Munch

Ohhh, Munchkin. So, many of you know that Munch had some health problems a few weeks ago, and due to them she's been on steroids for about two weeks now, give or take a few days. She has a partially collapsed trachea which got inflamed from allergens and the humidity, which caused her to cough, A LOT. Her coughing is starting to settle down, although this humidity isn't helping (go away gross, humid weather). Anyways, if you know Munchkin, you know she's a feisty gal, and being on steroids only means she's even feistier (is that even possible? yes, yes, it is), which means lots of barking and getting annoyed at her lil sis, Lola. The barking and temper has been just a little (a lot) annoying over the past few weeks, but I'm so glad we still have our little Munchie girl with us. She's 13, but she's a strong pup, and she never fails to make me and my family laugh - like yesterday when I put my workout headband on her (LOL). I hope that picture gave you a little bit of a smile and laugh to start your day!

5. Laneige Hydration Trial Kit

I saw someone else online raving about this skincare line, and I noticed that it was offered at Target (major win). So, when I was there yesterday grabbing ingredients for the homemade dog treats I made (click HERE for the recipe), I decided to pick up their Hydration Trial Kit. I generally have dry skin, so that's why I went for the hydration kit, but they do have other sample kits available! I really like buying trial kits when makeup or skincare lines offer them, because usually you get to try a good amount of their products for not too bad of a cost! This kit was $29 at Target, and I get to try six of their skincare products: their multi cleanser, power essential skin toner, balancing emulsion, water bank serum, water sleeping mask, and water bank moisture cream. The picture I snapped wasn't the best (sorry, friends), but the samples in this kit are decent sizes, and I truly think they'll last me a good amount of time! I'll be sure to let you know guys know in a future post if I like the products or not. To see all of the Laneige products that Target offers, and the review for them (they got awesome reviews), click HERE

Well, that does it for this week's favorites! I hope that you all enjoyed this post, if you did give it a "like" by clicking on the heart at the bottom of the post, or let me know in the comments! I would LOVE to hear from you guys. Keep up with me over the weekend by following me on my Instagram (username: joyfullyjenna). 

I hope that your weekend is fun and relaxing, catch ya next week!


Healthy Treats For Your Pups

Hey, hey, hey and happy Thursday, one more day until the weekend - you've got this, friends! Yesterday was another research project filled day, but I'm getting closer and closer to submitting to a journal to publish, phewwww. After meeting with two of my previous professors, working on my research project, and working out (I'm on Week 6 of the BBG guide, click HERE to learn more about it) I started on a little baking project for my two favorite gals, Munchkin and Lola (yes, my two favorite girls are my pups), cue the crazy pug lady comments right :)


Before I get into what I made for them, I wanted to quickly talk about what we had for dinner last night. Nothing super exciting or out of the box, but we had gotten sirloin burgers from Whole Foods over the weekend to have one night this week. BUT instead of getting your typical hamburger buns for them we picked up some whole wheat naan to use instead (props to Papa Ferguson for this idea).

If you're sick of the typical hamburger bun, or you feel like a bun is a bit too much bread for you I would definitely give naan a try next time. I topped my burger with a small slice of cheddar cheese, guacamole (leftover from Taco Tuesday), red onion, and some lettuce with asparagus on the side. It was a winner in my book!

Anyyyyways, as you all know I LOVE my two pugs. They're the cutest, most lovable gals in the world and I love (live) to spoil them, but sometimes it's hard to find treats at the pet store that don't have 10 billion ingredients in them (shoutout to the Science Diet Hill Brand that usually has a pretty good ingredient list). Call me crazy, but as much as I care about what I put in my body, I care just as much about what we're feeding Lola and Munchkin. So, of course I had to try making my pups some homemade treats, and let me tell ya, this recipe from Eating Bird Food is easy-peasy and totally pup approved (although my pugs do eat any food put in front of them haha). 

This recipe for dog treats only has FOUR ingredients: whole wheat flour, chicken stock (I used chicken broth because someone aka me, read the recipe wrong before going out to grab the ingredients, oops, but it worked out fine), creamy peanut butter, and unsweetened applesauce. You'll also need a cute little bone shaped cookie cutter, or whatever cookie cutter you'd like to use!


Sooo, how do you make these treats for your cute furry friend? Let's break the measurements and steps down. You'll need:

  • 1 cup whole wheat flour
  • 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce
  • 1/4 cup chicken stock (or broth if you have that on hand)
  • 1 bone shaped cookie cutter
  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. 
  2. Combine flour, peanut butter, and unsweetened applesauce in a large mixing bowl. Add chicken broth and stir until well-combined. The dough will be thick. Once combined use your hands to mold the dough into a ball. Place dough on flat surface (sprinkle with flour if necessary) and roll out evenly with a rolling pin. Dough should be about 1/4 inch thick. Use a cookie cutter to cut dough into desired shape and then place on an ungreased baking sheet.  
  3. Bake for 18 minutes or until golden brown. Store in an airtight container. 

Since my cookie cutter was a little bit larger, this batch made about 28 treats, which Munch and Lo would gladly devour in one sitting if it were up to them. 

Right after the picture above was snapped, Munch snatched a treat right off the plate, which is why the picture is a tad blurry! While Lo patiently waited until a treat was offered to her...

Aren't they just the cutest? I'm totally not biased or anything. Both of my dogs really do seem to LOVE these treats though, and I bet yours would too! They were so easy to make - they honestly probably took me only 15 minutes to prep (including rolling the dough out and using the cookie cutter). They would also be a great little gift for someone who you know loves their pups - just throw them into a mason jar, put on the cap, and tie with some twine or ribbon! 

Are you as crazy about your furry friends as I am? I would love to hear about what kind of dog or pet you have in the comments! I would also love to know if you try out this recipe - tag me on Instagram with a picture of your pup enjoying his/her treat (username is joyfullyjenna). 

Thanks so much for reading my blog post, it means a lot! Catch ya tomorrow for my favorites of the week :)