Why It's Important to Treat Yourself (Treat Yoself)

Hey there, friends! How's it going? I hope that this week has treated you well. Yay for tomorrow being Friday! 

Today I met up with one my best galpals from grad school (hi Jill!) down at University of Delaware and we went to Duck's Donuts on Main Street - which is right in the middle of campus. Duck's came to Main Street about a year or so ago (I think) and is a pretty magical place if you like donuts. They make the donuts fresh to your order and you can pretty much top your donut with anything your little heart desires. 


So, you're probably wondering why a health-based blogger is talking about donuts. Well, as I've briefly talked about before I truly think treating yourself every now and again is important, and donuts falls right into that category! I don't like calling eating a donut (or whatever the not-so-healthy food is) a cheat meal because in my mind that creates a negative feeling around enjoying a food. Instead, I'll call it treating myself to a donut, which sounds much more positive, don't you think?

My point is - don't get so caught up in a diet or certain way of eating that you start to not have fun with food. If you like donuts, treat yourself to one every now and then. If it's pizza you love, go out for pizza every once in awhile! It's all about BALANCE. If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle that includes letting yourself eat your favorite not-so-healthy foods occasionally because if you restrict yourself from those foods, chances are you may end up falling off that diet pretty quickly. Be realistic. Be honest with yourself. I guarantee you'll have more success that way.

What's your favorite not-so-healthy food that you like to treat yourself to?

Treat yoself this weekend!

Happy Halloween & A Spooky Workout

Hey there, friends! Happy Halloween! I hope that you all had a fun and relaxing weekend.

Did I tell you guys how excited I am to hand out candy tonight? I'm totally nerding out over this. I haven't been home the past few years to hand out candy so I'm pumped to see the little kids in their costumes! Woohoooo! Does this make me seem old? #grandmastatus

Anyways, I'm stopping by with a short post today to share a Halloween themed workout. This workout will only take you about 20 minutes, but you'll definitely work up a sweat. I know we're all probably going to be consuming a little too much candy today, so if you can, try to fit in this short and sweaty workout!


If you do try it out, let me know! I know you guys will definitely be saying "Yay!" when you get to the burpees ;P

Happy Halloween! Make sure to treat yourself to your favorite candy (you deserve it!!), but get your workout in too!

Why You Need To Ditch The "All or Nothing" Diet

Gooood morning! I hope your Wednesday is off to a good start. It's getting pretty chilly here and feeling more and more like Fall each day. Does anyone else have a lot of trouble getting up early when it's cold out? I swear I can wake up at 6:30/7AM like it's no big deal in the warmer months, but as soon as it's cold out it's so not fun to get out of bed so early! I just want to stay in my warm and cozy blankets. 


I wanted to stop by today to chit-chat about a topic I think is important and probably affects a decent amount of people: the "all or nothing" diet. I'm completely guilty of practicing this "diet", not on purpose though. In high school I played volleyball competitively year-round, which meant practice 3x per week, and then I would work out at least two other days. I grew into the mindset that my diet had to be all or nothing - I had to go full on healthy and treating myself was a once per week type of thing. And guess what? It just wasn't sustainable. I eventually broke that "all or nothing" streak because sometimes a gal just wants a damn piece of cake instead of a tiny piece of dark chocolate after dinner, and sometimes said cake presents itself to you more than once per week...and who says no to cake? Not me. Okay, maybe sometimes, but you guys get the point. Like I've said from my very first blog post - I believe in following the "everything in moderation" rule, which I'll also refer to as the 90/10 rule sometimes (eat healthy 90% of the time).

I just think that you should ENJOY food. It shouldn't be stressful. You should feel totally fine treating yourself to a brownie or a piece of cake or french fries. I'm not saying you should treat yourself everyday, but you catch my drift, right? I'm talking about the type of scenario that you spontaneously go out after work with your friends on a weekday and you decide to get the nacho appetizer and a drink instead of eating your usual healthy food at home. You should feel okay about it, hey, you should feel good about it! Life is meant to be lived my friends, and living sometimes involves french fries. 

Choose to have a good relationship with food. Be healthy. Eat lots of greens, lean proteins, fruits and veggies, but don't, DO NOT, mark certain foods off limits. Do you really like oreos? Great! They don't need to be on your "no" list, they just can't appear in your diet everyday. Putting foods on your "no" list creates a negative and resentful feeling, which may ultimately end up in you binging one night on a whole lot of oreos (which may be delicious at the time, but not so good later). Just know that it's okay to treat yourself (treat yoself) here and there. It's not cheating, it's treating, because you wouldn't cheat in a relationship right? So why would you associate a negative word with your relationship with food and health? Treating yourself has a much more positive feeling surrounding it. 

I truly believe that you'll be able to sustain healthier eating habits this way. Why? Because you won't feel like you're on a diet. You can still eat your favorite treat here and there. That, my friends, is a lifestyle change, not a diet :) 

Thank you guys for reading today's blog post! I hope that you were able to relate to it or that it got you thinking a bit. If you want to discuss this topic further, feel free to email me at joyfullyjennablog@gmail.com. I would love to chat with you!

Treat yoself today!


Weekend Recap

Goooood morning, friends! That weekend flew by, didn't it? And so did the month of July, can you guys believe it's already August 1st?! It's Sunday afternoon as I'm writing this, and it's been a slow morning/early afternoon so far. As I mentioned in my Friday blog post, my older sister Alie was here for the weekend. The weekend went by too fast, and I need more sister time (cough, Alie move closer, cough)! Did you keep up with me over the weekend on Instagram? I shared some pictures of what I was up to. Make sure to follow me if you aren't already! My username is joyfullyjenna. If you didn't follow along, let's backtrack to Friday to give you a little recap of what I was up to this weekend... 

My sister got to our house around 4PM on Friday and as soon she got here we ran out to Trader Joe's to get some super important supplies: cheese, prosciutto, a baguette, pickles, grapes and other delicious foods to make a charcuterie board! I don't know about you guys, but I'm a BIG cheese fan and I love to pair it with a good wine, usually a chardonnay. This is where leading a balanced lifestyle comes in. As I've briefly chatted about before on the blog, I'm a firm believer in a balanced lifestyle, not restricting yourself, and that everything is okay in moderation. So, while I can't eat cheese, prosciutto, and bread and drink wine everyday (serious bummer), it's A-OK in my book to indulge in it here and there, or once per week. See, if I told myself that cheese and wine were not okay to eat/drink it would end up backfiring, for me personally at least. I would end up feeling like I was on a diet and would feel like I couldn't eat/drink some of my favorite foods or beverages, and friends, that just is not the way I want to live. Life is too short. Enjoy and indulge in that charcuterie board and wine! 

While we chatted, enjoyed the charcuterie board, and drank wine, my dad fired up the grill to make the burgers that my sister requested, while Alie made some corn on the cob. After we sat down to eat dinner together, which was super nice, I brought out the chocolate cake I had made. As you can tell, this entire weekend was full of indulgences - treat yoself, people!

I have to say that I was pretttty happy with the way this chocolate cake turned out. If you LOVE chocolate like I do, this cake is definitely a keeper. I have some tweaks I want to make to the recipe, but let me guys know if you want the recipe for this delicious and rich chocolate cake and I'll post it soon! See, I told ya guys there would be the occasional, not-so-healthy recipe on the blog :) 

After eating cake, all of us (my dad, mom, sister, the two pups, and I) just relaxed and watched some TV before heading to bed. 

The next morning after waking up, eating breakfast, and getting ready, my mom, Alie, and I headed to Ulta for some girl time. We browsed a lot, tried out probably 50 different lipsticks (sorry to the annoyed Ulta employees, oops), and just played around with some of the products. While looking around and trying different things, I stumbled upon the Perricone MD skincare line. My close friends and family know that I have the unfortunate habit of gravitating towards the most expensive clothes, electronics, accessories, pretty much anything, and this skincare line is no exception unfortunately (it's a curse, I tell ya). I ended up trying out their Face Finishing Moisturizing Tint and really, really liked it (of course I did, it's expensive). It reminded me of a tinted moisturizer, but better. You apply it exactly as you would a regular moisturizer and it actually felt like it was working into my skin, not just sitting on top of it (which has been my experience with the tinted moisturizers I've tried). Once it hits your skin, it kind of balances out the red spots or any unevenness you have (magic!!!). I think it's the perfect product for the days that you don't feel like wearing heavier foundation, especially in the summer! The downside is that it's $75 (ouch), so I'm going to try to look out for a similar product.

After we left Ulta we ran a few more errands and then headed home. It's been so, so humid and sticky out around here so being outside wasn't the most pleasant option, so we hung inside with the two dogs. We had ordered crabs earlier and went to pick them up around 4:30. I haven't had any crabs this summer, so it was a really nice treat to have them for dinner on Saturday night! 

I used to go crabbing with my pop-pop when I was younger, so eating crabs brings back some good memories! After getting all cleaned up after dinner, the four of us went out shopping for a bridal shower gift, and then hung at home for the rest of the night. This morning I made some healthy and yummy waffles for everyone (click HERE for the recipe) and then Alie headed back to her and Mike's place shortly after. Now, I'm writing up a grocery list for the week and I'll be fitting in some cardio at some point today!

I hope that you guys had a fun, safe, and relaxing weekend! Thank you so much for reading this post today, it means a lot! I hope that you'll keep coming back to the blog. Please subscribe if you haven't already so you can get the blog posts sent right your email inbox daily. Also, if there's any topics you would like me to talk about, please shoot me an email (joyfullyjennablog@gmail.com) I would love to hear from you!

I'll chat with you all tomorrow! Have an awesome and productive Monday!