The Best Bridal Shower Games

Hey there! I hope that you all had a relaxing and fun weekend. The weekend for me was pretty quiet, which I welcomed with opens arms since this summer has been a pretty busy one with all of the planning for my sister's bridal shower and bachelorette party, as well as being in one of my good friend's weddings in late July! 

Now that my sister's bridal shower and bachelorette parties are over, I figured it was time to start sharing some of my top tips and ideas that I got from planning hers! So, today I'm sharing the games I decided to incorporate into her bridal shower. Spoiler alert: I loved the games we played and I think that everyone at the shower had lots of fun too! 


Game 1: Who Has The Groom?


I honestly think this was my favorite game because it was simple and funny. I mean, Harry Potter looks pretty funny "wearing a tux" in the photo above, doesn't he? This is the first game we played at Alie's Bridal Shower to break the ice. The basics: at each person's seat there was an envelope that said "Who Has The Groom?" on it. Inside, there was a piece of cardstock with a clipart tuxedo I had printed out and glued on. I printed out celebrities faces (and also grabbed some from magazines) and glued them onto the cardstock so their face lined up with the top of the tuxedo. ONE envelope had Mike's face (my sister's fiance) glued onto the tuxedo and the person who had that envelope was the winner. SUPER easy and cheap to do. Just have everyone open their envelopes at the same time when they sit down. 

Game 2: The Price is Right!


Growing up my sister and I loved to watch the Price is Right so I knew I wanted to incorporate this game. To open it up I played the Price is Right music (cheesy...but funny haha). We had common household items listed on the game sheet that each person was given. If the person was within 50 cents (without going over the price of the item) they scored one point. At the end of the game I had everyone tally up their points and whoever had the most won!

Game 3: Who Knows the Bride Best? 

Another crowd pleaser and easy game to play - I gave all the guests about 5 minutes to fill out their cards and then I read through the answers. Each item was worth one point. Whoever had the most points won. 

"Game" 4: Bridal Shower Mad Libs

I put game in quotation marks because this wasn't so much as a game but almost like a guest book for Alie's bridal shower. I thought these were an interesting and funny version of a guestbook that Alie and Mike could put in a book and look back on and laugh for years to come. 


My top tip for prizes is to get more than you think you'll need. I purchased 4 bottles of wine and 4 boxes of chocolate truffles from a local candy store as our 8 prizes to give out. You can't go wrong with wine and chocolate for a group of women, right? I ended up using 7 out of the 8 prizes since we had multiple winners for some of the games. 

Alright, that's it for my first blog post series on Bridal Shower tips! If you have any questions about the games I talked about or would like me to send you any of the games I used please feel free to email me at Be on the lookout for the next blog post with a few more tips I learned from planning the bridal shower and then I'll make sure to do a post on the bachelorette party too! 

Chat soon,