Why It's Important to Treat Yourself (Treat Yoself)

Hey there, friends! How's it going? I hope that this week has treated you well. Yay for tomorrow being Friday! 

Today I met up with one my best galpals from grad school (hi Jill!) down at University of Delaware and we went to Duck's Donuts on Main Street - which is right in the middle of campus. Duck's came to Main Street about a year or so ago (I think) and is a pretty magical place if you like donuts. They make the donuts fresh to your order and you can pretty much top your donut with anything your little heart desires. 


So, you're probably wondering why a health-based blogger is talking about donuts. Well, as I've briefly talked about before I truly think treating yourself every now and again is important, and donuts falls right into that category! I don't like calling eating a donut (or whatever the not-so-healthy food is) a cheat meal because in my mind that creates a negative feeling around enjoying a food. Instead, I'll call it treating myself to a donut, which sounds much more positive, don't you think?

My point is - don't get so caught up in a diet or certain way of eating that you start to not have fun with food. If you like donuts, treat yourself to one every now and then. If it's pizza you love, go out for pizza every once in awhile! It's all about BALANCE. If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle that includes letting yourself eat your favorite not-so-healthy foods occasionally because if you restrict yourself from those foods, chances are you may end up falling off that diet pretty quickly. Be realistic. Be honest with yourself. I guarantee you'll have more success that way.

What's your favorite not-so-healthy food that you like to treat yourself to?

Treat yoself this weekend!