Weekend Recap & Smoothie Recipe

Hey there, friends! Monday has come around again - seriously, why does it keep doing that? Can't it be the weekend forever?! Dumb Mondays ;P I hope that you guys had a good weekend though and were able to relax and enjoy yourselves! How did you guys do with your goals over the weekend? Did you stay on track? If so, go you! Did you fall off of the wagon a bit? That's okay! That's what's great about Mondays, they're a nice little "reset" button to get back on track for the week. Don't forget to take a few moments today to check in with yourself - maybe even use your mindfulness glitter jar!

My weekend was pretty relaxed and mostly spent trying to avoid being outdoors for too, too long - it's a serious heat wave here! On Friday night my parents and I went out to a Mexican restaurant (can you guys tell how much I love Mexican food?) for dinner. There happened to be a mariachi singer performing during our dinner which was... interesting. I'm all for live music, but does anyone else get super uncomfortable when singers come up to your table and awkwardly stand and stare at you for a good three-ish minutes while they're singing? Yeah, well that's what this mariachi singer did, multiple times - kind of (really) awkward! But anyways, I ordered fajitas for my entree, which is usually my go-to order when we go out for Mexican.


I didn't get to snap the best picture of them because they were steaming when they came out, and they kept fogging up my camera haha. I don't think you can go wrong with fajitas though, and they're generally a healthy choice, with just chicken (or whatever meat you choose), onions, and peppers. I do have to say, I think my homemade fajitas are pretty delicious and may just beat out the ones you can order at Mexican restaurants. They'll be on the blog soon, so keep checking back!

After dinner we headed home and watched the Olympics and then headed to bed. Saturday morning started off a little bit slow, and it was SO hot out, but I knew I needed to do something active. So, my mom and I went for about a 2 mile walk around one of the local parks. I don't think I've ever sweat so much from just walking - whew! After that, I spent some time working on the blog, and then started to get ready so I could head over to my sister and her fiancé's place. We went out to a BYOB Asian restaurant which was super yummy! I got a coconut lemongrass soup and the sunflower roll which was tuna, salmon, with avocado inside, topped with spicy tuna, tempura flakes, and the chef's special sauce. 

veeko sushi

Again, not the best picture (the lighting in the restaurant wasn't the greatest), but it still looks pretty delicious to me! A good tip when ordering sushi is to ask them to make it with brown rice instead of white. I forgot to do this last night, but I usually will ask them to sub out the white for brown since brown rice is higher in fiber, has more protein, and generally is just healthier than white rice.

We couldn't resist the ice cream shop that was just a few doors down, so after dinner we walked down to order some. I ended up getting one scoop of Heavenly Hash and one scoop of Graham Central Station, or at least I thought I was getting one scoop of each, but ended up with a lot more ice cream than that, as you can see below!


After eating our ice cream, we headed back to their place and watched the Olympics for a bit before I headed back home (boo 40 minute drives). It was nice to be able to hang out with Alie and Mike, and I'm really hoping that they'll be moving a bit closer soon :) 

As I type this up it's Sunday morning and I'm getting together a grocery list, working on this blog post, and going to do some work on my research project. Later I'm meeting my friend Meg at a local pottery place to paint some pottery and catch up! I'm sure our pottery creations will end up in a blog post soon if they're presentable enough ;P

Before I sign off for the day, I do want to leave you with a smoothie recipe to try out this week. With this heat, a smoothie is the perfect on-the-go breakfast. I think I mentioned in my last Friday Favorite's post that I've been using our Vitamix a lot with this heat wave (I have the 64 oz. Vitamix). I usually make a batch that makes enough to fill three mason jars (I'll either share with my parents or throw them in the fridge and save them for the next day), which are perfect to take in the car since they have a nice lid that won't allow leakage. Click HERE for the mason jars I use.

Here's what my typical smoothie recipe looks like: 


Like I said, this smoothie recipe should make you about three mason jars worth of smoothies (my mason jars are each 16 oz). This smoothie is sweetened up with the bananas and the other fruit you choose, and you shouldn't be able to taste the greens too much! 

Thank you guys so much for reading this blog post! If you enjoyed it, I would love for you to click the "like" button below, or even click "share" so you can let your friends know about this smoothie recipe!

Catch ya next time, friends :)