Hopping Onto The Kombucha Train

Hello, hello, everyone! How's your morning so far? I'll be getting in some cardio later, but for now I'm typing up this blog post for you lovely people while drinking a green smoothie. I really like starting my day off with a smoothie because it means that I've already gotten some greens in for the day. For my smoothie this morning  morning I threw in almond milk, frozen spinach, frozen pineapple chunks, chia seeds, and a little bit of honey. It's pretty darn good if I do say so myself! 

While I was at Whole Foods the other day, Kombucha caught my attention in the cold drinks section. I know I'm late to the Kombucha party, but better late than never, right? I decided to pick one up to try, and I ended up going with the Guava Goddess flavor. Before I get into what I thought of the Kombucha itself, let's talk about the health benefits of Kombucha. 

Kombucha is known as the "Immortal Health Elixir" by the Chinese and originating in the Far East around 2,000 years ago. Essentially, Kombucha is a fermented black or green tea and sugar (the sugar can come from honey, fruit, or cane sugar). Once fermented, the drink becomes carbonated and contains vinegar, b-vitamins, enzymes, probiotics, and a high concentration of acid. These ingredients are tied to: 

  • helps the digestive system with probiotics 
  • weight loss, thanks to acetic acid and polyphenols 
  • increased energy with help from enzymes and b-vitamins 
  • cleansing and detoxification with gluconic acids and probioitics 
  • immune support, thanks to antioxidants 
  • reduced joint pain from glucosamines 
  • cancer prevention with help from glucaric acid 

 Not too shabby with all of those health benefits, right? Although you can make your own Kombucha, I just picked up a Synergy Kombucha at the store. Synergy is a brand of live-culture Kombucha manufactured by Millennium Products. There's a good amount of flavors within the Synergy brand including, Mission Mango, Superfruits, Trilogy, Cosmic Cranberry, Ginger Berry, and Guava Goddess (the flavor that I chose). 

The ingredients listed on the bottle include: G.T.'s organic raw kombucha, guava puree, and 100% pure love (the 100% pure love makes it taste better, for sure ;P). To be honest, this flavor kind of reminds me of a sangria I've had before, which means it's 100% yummy in my book (wine lover over here, guys). So, I had no trouble finishing off the bottle :) 

I can only speak for the flavor that I tried, but I have a feeling that most of their other flavors are tasty too. This bottle was about $3, so while it's not a bad price, I don't think this is something I'll be buying regularly, but it's a nice "treat" now and then, with great health benefits!

Have you guys tried Kombucha before? What's your opinion or your favorite flavor? Let me know in the comments!

See you guys tomorrow for my Friday Favorites!


*This post is solely based on my opinions and experience of trying the Synergy Kombucha. All views are my own, and I was not sponsored by Synergy Kombucha to write this post. 

*I am NOT a registered dietitian. This post and all posts are based on my experiences and opinions. Please consult a medical doctor about Kombucha, or adding Kombucha into your diet.