Friday Favorites #14

Hey there! Happy Friday! I hope that you have some fun plans lined up for this weekend. Before I sign off for the weekend I wanted to stop by with my usual Friday Favorites post. Don't forget to let me know what you've been loving by leaving me a comment :)

1. Halloween Candy

Okay, so this may be kind of silly, but I'm really looking forward to being home to give out candy to the neighborhood kids on Halloween this year. I haven't been home to do it the past few years, so I can't wait to see the kids in their costumes! My mom and I also may have gone a bit overboard on our basket of candy - I'm totally trying to be the coolest house on the block (LOL). Anyone else get this excited to give out candy?! *Insert blushing/embarrassed emoji here*

2. The 18th Birthday News Story

Did you guys hear about the parents who asked their loved ones to write their daughter letters instead of giving gifts for her 1st birthday? They saved all of the letters for her to open on her 18th birthday, and it's such a sweet story. I think that their idea is so amazing, and she ended up opening letters from 7 family members who had passed on since her 1st birthday. How special is that? Read the full story HERE.

3. This Mug

image via 

image via 

How funny is this mug? Please tell me that I'm not the only one who got a good laugh out of this, haha. This is totally and completely me (and probably every other girl reading this). I could literally spend hours in Target, especially now that they have their Christmas decor out. Ya with me?! If so, you can actually buy this mug on BlueSparrowDesignsCo Etsy store, click HERE.

4. Tone It Up's YouTube Channel

I've been going back to Tone It Up's workout channel for quick workouts since early on in college. Karena and Katrina's workouts are relatively short and very effective. If you're feeling like you just don't have it in you to go out in the cold weather to make it to the gym one day, definitely check out their Youtube channel for a workout that you can do at home! Click HERE to be redirected to their Youtube. 

Alright, friends, that's what I've been loving this week. Now, it's your turn to tell me one of your favorites of the week down in the comments. I want to hear from you, don't be shy :)

Happy Weekend!