Feel Beauty Brand :: This.Is.Feel Face Mask Review & GIVEAWAY

Hello there, pals! How's it going? I hope that your week has been the perfect balance of productivity and relaxation :) 

I'm so excited to be sharing today's blog post with all of you! I teamed up with Feel Beauty, or This.Is.Feel, to review their Bamboo Charcoal Facial Sheet Mask. Before I get into what I thought of the sheet masks...

I first want to comment on how much I love what Feel Beauty stands for. 

"On the surface, Feel is a beauty brand. But our purpose is something entirely different: We want to turn your daily beauty ritual into something that feels good physically and emotionally."
"In that vein, Feel is leading the charge to help you feel better, tuning into your emotions and creating an effortless space where you can turn your beauty practices into the most powerful emotional anchor of your life." 

I absolutely love these quotes from Feel's "About" page. I think that within our busy lives, people are truly looking for ways to feel good (you know, unwind, relax, etc.), and to be able to do that within your beauty routine is pretty dang awesome! Since I just started my full time job recently, I found myself feeling like I was constantly on the go. BUT setting aside that one night a week to pamper myself a bit really helped me to slow down, and Feel's Brilliant Bamboo Charcoal Facial Sheet Mask has become a big part of that!

So, let me tell you a bit about the facial masks.


The Brilliant Bamboo Charcoal Facial Sheet Masks come in a pack of four, one for each week of the month and will cost you $28 (making each mask $7 which is pretty standard for sheet masks). The mask itself is a very dark green color (it's safe to say I scared my family a few times while wearing them LOL), and it does stay on your face quite easily. Since it is a sheet mask, I find that it forces me to sit down, pause, and relax during the thirty minutes I have it on (it's kind of hard to move around too much with a sheet mask on your face). I'll usually read a book while I have the mask on, or paint my nails while watching a show on Netflix. 


I absolutely love the NATURAL ingredients Feel uses in these sheet masks. To name a few: bamboo (what actually makes up the sheet masks), charcoal (to draw out impurities), hyaluronic acid (secures moisture and creates fullness), jojoba seed oil (contains vitamins E and B), shea butter, trehalose (a natural plant sugar with amazing hydration abilities), lavendar (makes your skin brighter), kelp & apple (anti-aging), amongst other natural ingredients! I mean, there's nothing better than knowing your putting natural, good-for-you ingredients on your face. Right? Right. 


Okay, on to what I thought about the effects the masks had on my skin... 

To be completely honest, I kind of had low expectations. I usually can't really see a difference with sheet masks I've used in the past, so I figured this mask would be no different. Well guess what? I was wrong. I struggle with acne and redness around my chin and nose, and I noticed SUCH a difference after using these masks. The masks really seemed to calm down some of my redness and made a HUGE difference in my breakouts. I also noticed that my skin felt so much more hydrated after using the masks - big win in the winter time! Bottom line, these masks just made me feel good, and I'll definitely be ordering them again. 

One of YOU will receive a pack of FOUR facial masks!


Since Feel Beauty is so generous and since I loved the masks so much, we're hosting a GIVEAWAY so one of you can win a pack of FOUR sheet masks to try out yourself! To enter the giveaway, you'll have to head over to my Instagram page (username is joyfullyjenna). Find the original post of the masks and follow the giveaway directions! I'm SO excited for one of you to get to try these magical masks!!! 

May the odds be ever in your favor ;P


*Feel Beauty sent me their Brilliant Bamboo Facial Sheet Masks in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed within my blog post are my own. I would never support a brand or product that I didn't truly believe in! 





Zoetic Body Care Line + *GIVEAWAY*

Hi there, you lovely people! How's this week treating you? I hope it's been a good one so far! 

I'm SO excited to be writing this post. I collaborated with Ashley, the founder of Zoetic - a Body Care Line. She's the sweetest gal out there, and I'm so excited to be sharing a bit about her and her products with you all today. Oh, and did I mention one of you is going to be the lucky winner of a giveaway full of her products!? She was so generous in the products she gave me for the giveaway - together it's a giveaway worth $125! Before we get into what you can win and how you can win it, I asked Ashley, the founder of Zoetic, a few questions so you could get to know her and her body care line a bit better. 


1. What inspired you to start your own body care line?

Awhile back, I started out just making body products for friends & family, and I fell in love instantly. It made me feel amazing and alive, and it was that exact feeling that inspired me to take it to the next level. The moment I realized that I could turn my love for skincare into something bigger was ground breaking for me. I remember that moment like it was yesterday. I grabbed a piece of paper and began dreaming up what is now called, Zoetic.

2. Can you tell me about the meaning behind the name "Zoetic" name?

Zoetic means life and everything pertaining to it. Building off of that, we stand for creating a beautiful life and thriving in it. When creating each product, from the colors, to the names, to the packaging, we work to deliver products that make people feel happy and inspired. 

3. If you had to choose one product from your line as your favorite, which would it be?

This is such a toughie! I feel the strongest connection to my facial oil, Petal Drops, because I struggle with rosacea and have always had a hard time finding products that work. After creating a product that has helped calm the redness & itchiness on my face, it’s probably safe to say we have a special bond. :) ha!

4. What's your favorite scent that you've created so far?

Definitely the honey rose lip polish.  The funny part is, I used to think that I hated the smell of rose - until I discovered Moroccan Rose, which is a bit sweeter.  Now I am ADDICTED. Plus, who doesn’t love the natural smell of honey? 

5.  I LOVE the quote on your website, "It's more than a product, it's a feeling" can you elaborate on it?

I think there is something so beautiful about the correlation between our senses and our emotions.  When we use skin care, it’s an experience – a way to unwind and connect with our truest selves.  Think about it – when you are lathering your hair with your favorite shampoo, or soaking in a tub full of scented bath salts - have you ever noticed that your mind is instantly calmed and you float away to a place of happiness and creativity?  I think it’s so important to acknowledge how magical that connection is, and that is what I hope to bring to life with my products. 

Don't you guys just love her already? You're going to love her products even more - they're like magic in a bottle! You can truly tell that Ashley has a passion for creating quality body care products, and that makes all the difference in my opinion. All of her products are formulated with top quality, nontoxic ingredients, and are never tested on animals. I love using products that I know are good for my skin and body. As much as I try to fuel my body with healthy foods, I also try to be conscious about the products I use on my body. 


I was lucky enough to get to try out some of Ashley's products including the Petal Drops, Lip Polish, Sugar Body Polish, and Bath Salt Soaks. My favorite (as well as Ashley's) is definitely the Petal Drops. Honestly, they totally changed the game for me. My makeup is going on so much more evenly and my face just feels better the morning after I use it! It's the perfect product for dry winter skin. You guys are going to LOVE the Lip Polish and Sugar Body Polish too. After using both just once I noticed an immediate difference in my skin - less dryness and way more smoothness. #winning Also, who doesn't love a night of pampering yourself? Grab a cup of tea (or wine, no judgment here) and have a spa night at home! These products will make you feel like a queen.


So, you're probably wondering when I'm going to tell you what's in the giveaway and how you can win it. Fine, fine, I won't make you wait any longer! The winner of the giveaway will receive:


Whoever wins this giveaway is one lucky lady! Okay, so now to how you can enter to win these goodies. To enter the giveaway you need to:

  • Go to my Instagram page (@joyfullyjenna)
  • "Like" the giveaway photo
  • Follow me
  • Follow Ashley (@bezoetic)
  • Comment on the picture of the giveaway on my Instagram page telling me which product you're most excited to try
  • *Extra entry - tag a friend in a comment below the giveaway picture

This giveaway will be open until Monday, January 9th, until 9PM EST. Only individuals residing within the US are valid for entry.

Good luck, friends! While you're waiting to see if you're the lucky winner, head on over to the official Zoetic website to check out all of the products.

*All opinions in this post are my own. 

A Coffee Lovers' Body Scrub & Weekend Recap

Goooooood morning, you lovely people! I hope that you all had a great weekend! It was really hot here this weekend, and we're hoping that after today things will cool down and start to feel like the beginnings of Fall. 

My weekend started off with a relaxing night at home with a short trip out to Sweet Nel's for some absolutely delicious ice cream. If you missed my Friday Favorites post you can read all about my love for Sweet Nel's here. I told you guys I would snap some pictures of our ice cream this time, and I delivered! I managed to convince my dad to let me take a picture of his before he dug in, and I resisted from taking a bit of my brownie sundae for a quick picture too ;P


My brownie sundae was chocolatey, decadent, and delicious! I got chocolate raspberry chip ice cream on top of the brownie, with hot fudge, homemade whipped cream, and chocolate sprinkles. Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is! The girl who made my sundae was a little heavy handed with the scoops of ice cream she gave me - good or bad thing??? Good at first and then bad when you eat wayyy too much and feel a little too full afterwards :) 


My dad's absolutely in love with their caramel sundae, and rightfully so! Their caramel sauce is unlike any other caramel I've ever had. It's dreamy. It's delicious. It's just absolutely to-die-for. If you're local and you still haven't made your way over to Sweet Nel's, please do yourself a favor and treat yourself ASAP to some of their delicious ice cream!

Saturday my mom and I got out of the house for a bit and ran a few errands. I had a $20 coupon for DSW so we went to check some shoes out and I ended up bringing home two pairs to try on with jeans so I could figure out which ones to keep. These are the ones that I'm leaning on keeping (click here), but the other ones (click here) are super cute too! Ahhh, decisions, decisions. 

After we left DSW my mom and I went into Marshall's Home Goods just to walk around and browse. Anyone else love just walking around that store? We loved looking at the the Fall decorations that were out and ended up walking away with a few large containers to organize some of the kitchen pantry baking goods, like flour. 

On Saturday night I met up with two of my good friends, Meg and Lisa, for dinner at a local place called The Oyster House. I didn't snap a picture of my food (I got the fish tacos), but it was pretty delicious! I did happen to snap a picture of the drink I ordered which was a Peach Crush, which had some peach liquor, club soda, and freshly squeezed orange juice. Definitely a winner in my book, and I loved that they served the drink in a cute little mason jar. Again, for my local readers, I would recommend checking out The Oyster House for dinner if you haven't already. 


It was great to catch up with Meg and Lisa and get to talk about some of Lisa's wedding planning. Lisa got engaged recently and is getting married next summer so the wedding planning is in full swing! Speaking of weddings, Meg is the Wedding Coordinator at her job and she'll be guest posting on Joyfully Jenna pretty soon with some tips for brides-to-be! I got a sneak peak at her content last night, and let me tell ya, you don't want to miss her post. Be on the lookout for it pretty soon :)

As I write this it's Sunday morning and I'm still in my pjs. I'm planning on getting a workout in today, finishing up a recipe, and then heading to my sister and fiancé's place to watch some football. Before I go though, I want to leave you with a homemade body scrub that you can make in a short 5 minutes and will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft. Did I mention that the main ingredient is coffee? So, if you're a coffee lover (or just like the smell of coffee) you're gonna like this recipe!

I got this recipe from Kristin Cavallari's Instagram account - remember her from Laguna Beach and The Hills? All you need is: coffee grounds, almond milk or coconut oil, and unsweetened cocoa powder. 


You'll take a 1/4 cup of finely ground coffee beans, 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder, and either almond milk or coconut oil (start with 3 tablespoons and keep adding if you need more - you don't want the scrub too be chunky, or super liquid-y either, find a balance in the middle). 


Once it's to a good point consistency-wise, you can go ahead and use your delicious smelling scrub! Just gently rub on your skin and rinse off, and voila! Smooth and soft skin with a natural scrub :) You could even make this scrub, put it in a cute container, tie it up with ribbon, and give it as a gift!


Alright, friends, I'm signing off for today! Thank you guys as always for reading this post, it means a lot. I hope that you'll give this DIY scrub a try :) 

Question of The Day: What was the best part of your weekend? 

Catch ya next time!

Skincare Favorites

Helllllo, hello, beautiful people! It's FRIDAY! The weekend has come again, yay! I hope that your week has been a good one so far. Mine has been full of working on my research project, applying to jobs, phone interviews, and a little bit of randomness. Side note: Does anyone else watch Bachelor in Paradise? Guys, it's seriously like a train-wreck that I just cannot stop watching. It amazes me how ridiculous people will act not only just in general, but on TV. Man, you have to have guts to go on a reality show - I bet many of the participants cringe while watching the episodes!

Anyyyywho, I wanted to stop by today to share with you my current skincare favorites, instead of doing my regular Friday Favorites post. As a 24 year old, I'm really trying to do my best to take care of my skin NOW to prevent wrinkles later. We only get one shot at it, so I'm willing to splurge a little when it comes to skincare, but I also use some lower priced options when I can too.

It's important for me to note though that I do believe your skin is a reflection of what you fuel your body with, especially your water intake. I can tell when I'm slacking on drinking water - my skin looks duller and I'm much more prone to breakouts (I thought pimples were no longer a things in your 20s, ugh). So, my first skincare go-to is to drink water, a lot of it. Water is free, people (sleep is also free, and important for your skin). Free is good :) If you're unsure of how much water you should be drinking per day, click HERE. Unfortunately, water can't provide your skin with everything it needs, which is where some actual products come into play. So, let's get into my current favorite skincare products!


1. Garnier Cleansing Micellar Water

I'm sure you guys have heard of micellar water by now since it seems like that's been one of the bigger buzzwords in the beauty community recently. BUT If you haven't, let me tell ya about one of my new BFFs. The Garnier Cleansing Micellar Water is an all-in-one cleanser that is powerful but gentle. You're still wondering what the heck micellar is and what it means though, right? Well, the micelles capture and lift away dirt, oil, and makeup - pretty cool, huh? I use my Garnier Cleansing Micellar Water as my first step at the end of the day before washing with my cleanser. I used to use make-up remover wipes, but to be honest, I got sick of spending $6 on a pack that didn't seem to last me that long. So, now I saturate a small cotton pad with the micellar water and it works perfectly. The best part (besides the low price)? I don't feel like I'm tugging on my skin, which I felt like I was doing with make-up remover wipes. Tugging on skin = wrinkles. Wrinkles = no fun. Following me, guys? Micellar water is a winner in my book, and it'll have a home in my bathroom for a very, very long time :) 

2. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

Okay, so I'm going to talk about two different cleansers that I've been using and loving. The first one is Fresh's Soy Face Cleanser. I kind of adore the entire Fresh skincare line. Why? Their products live up to their name - they just seem fresh, if that's even possible/makes sense? The scents are light, none of their products have ever irritated my skin, and their products aren't made with parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. This cleanser lathers up really nicely, and is extremely gentle on the skin. It will cleanse your skin at the end of the day (or in the morning which is when I tend to use it) without taking away all of your skin's natural oils and moisture. This baby will even remove your mascara when washing your face - huge win! It also tones, soothes, and softens the skin while it's at work and will help with dryness, dullness, and firmness. Wondering if it'll work with your skin? Well it works with pretty much every skin type (as listed on Sephora's website): normal, oily, combination, dry, and sensitive. I would definitely recommend giving this cleanser a try. It does have a slightly higher price point, but I think it's worth it. I have the smallest size and it's lasted me for the past two months, since you don't need to use very much at all.  

3. Laneige Multi Cleanser 

This cleanser is pretttty fabulous. Does the name look familiar? That's because it's shown up in my Friday Favorites a few times in the Laneige Skincare Trial Kit that I bought....at Target. Yup, this cleanser is from Target which means the price point is pretty reasonable. I've been alternating using this cleanser and Fresh's. I find myself using Fresh's Soy Cleanser in the morning, and then using Laneige's at night because of the gentle exfoliating it provides. This cleanser will last you a long, long time, as you only need to use a tiny amount to create a rich foam. The natural papaya in the cleanser sweeps away dead surface skin, while the cellulose beads gently remove impurities, magically melting away makeup, sunscreen, and the oils from the day. This cleanser leaves my skin feeling soft and REALLY clean. It's a winner guys. So, do yourself a favor and go pick one up at Target ASAP.

4. Laneige Water Bank Serum 

Laneige, you win again, and I'm so, so happy that you do, since you're offered at Target. I love this serum, it's a must-have, people! It's my go-to daytime moisturizer because it's lightweight, doesn't feel greasy on my skin, and sinks right in. The Water Bank Serum is known to make skin smoother, more hydrated, and deliver a healthier-looking complexion. The mineral water works with your skin to keep it hydrated and moisturized for 24 hours. Guys, this will improve your skin and leave it feeling soft and looking great. It's gotten awesome reviews, and you need to try it out! 

5. Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Okay, guys, if there was one moisturizer I can't go without, this is it! I've been using this concentrate for probably about two years now and I still love it. This concentrate is made up of pure botanical oils that provide vital nutrients to enhance your skin's nighttime recovery. It's a bit pricier but this stuff is going to last you a long, long time because you don't need to use much at all, only about 3 drops for your entire face (I usually buy the 1 oz. size and it lasts me at least 3-4 months). I use this precious baby at night after I've washed my face and it just sinks right into my skin. By morning, my skin is looking glow-y and great, score! Feeling hesitant because it's an oil? Been there, guys! I was super hesitant to literally take oil and rub it all over my face, because I mean...pimples. BUT I swear this stuff will not leave your face feeling greasy or cause you to breakout. It's the best. It just is. And it should find it's way into your bathroom medicine cabinet and never leave. Never ever. 

6. Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream

I mean, what did I even do before I bought Laneige's Hydration Trial Kit? I'm not really sure, guys. Also, I'm not being sponsored in anyway by Laneige to talk about their products - I just love them...so much. Okay, anyways, so this Water Bank Moisturize Cream is pretty much thebomb.com. I'll wash my face at night, apply the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate and then I'll take some of this cream and apply it afterwards. These two products together are pretty much The Dream Team. This cream is going to completely melt into your skin to deliver the ultimate moisture. If you have dry skin, this is the product for you. If you want to be an all-star skincare person and take it to the next level, combine this with the Midnight Recovery Concentrate and you're golden

7. Origins Clear Improvement Mask 

Last but not least, this is another staple in my skincare routine. I'll pull this mask out once a week, or once every two weeks. It works with every skin type out there, and it's going to leave your skin feeling clean, like really clean. This mask is charcoal based, and the charcoal pretty much acts like a magnet to draw out those nasty pore-cloggers. I swear that after I use this mask I immediately see a difference in my skin - it just looks brighter and more radiant! Also, fun fact that I just saw on Sephora: this is apparently the number one selling mask in America, so it's gotta be good! This winner costs around $26, but it's gonna last you a long, long time. I think they may also have a smaller version of it that's less expensive, if you're not ready to commit to the full size version just yet! 

Alright, friends, that does it for my current skincare favorites! I hope that you liked this post and maybe found a new product that you want to try out! If you have any skincare favorites that you think I should try, let me know in the comments! I would love to hear from you :)

Have an awesome weekend! Catch ya guys next week!